Remy and her family in the backyard
Name: Andrew and Katrina Marchese / Burnsville, MN
Dog's Name: Remy

We adopted Remy when she was a year old. We could tell she was a "good" dog- very good natured, but she was a bit wild and we could not get her to listen to us. We were frustrated with the prospect of once-a-week training sessions.

I discovered Neuman K-9 Academy and it's the best money we have spent. Remy came back a much more controlled, well behaved dog, and most important, she still had all of her fun, puppy personality.

We really like the positive environment Summer and Josiah provide for Remy. We continue to take her to Neuman K-9 Academy during our vacations and will continue to recommend them to anyone looking for dog training. They really do bring out the best in dogs they work with!

Neuman K-9 Academy Inc. Graduates
Name: Keith Naps / Minneapolis, MN
Dog's Name: Cooper
Graduated: January 2008

My wife and I sought training for Cooper because, although he is very affectionate and well mannered, exhibited some behaviors that we needed help with. Specifically, as a strong dog, he was very difficult to manage on a leash, and this problem exacerbated in the presence of other dogs. Cooper exhibited some aggressive tendencies that made him difficult to manage when out on a walk.

Cooper's training at the Neuman K-9 Academy was more than satisfactory and addressed all of our concerns. As soon as he returned home, his hard work became obvious. Cooper responds instantly to commands on leash, and using the lessons learned from the graduation handler session, we are working hard to hone his training off-leash as well.

Aside from the effectiveness of Cooper's training, we were also very impressed by the updates from Josiah Neuman, in form of emails, images, and even videos of Cooper's progress. We would not hesitate to recommend the Neuman K-9 Academy to any of our dog-loving friends and family.

Neuman K-9 Academy Inc. Graduates
Name: Brad and Lori Larson / Fairmont, MN
Dog's Name: Annie

I am writing this letter of reference as a personal testimony to the amazing changes we saw in our dog after receiving training from Josiah Neuman at the Neuman K-9 Academy Inc.

We bought our two-month old beagle puppy, Annie, from a breeder. Almost from the beginning she was aggressive; growling and biting us if we tried to stop her from doing something she wanted to do or to get her to do something she didn't want to do. She would bite so hard she would draw blood. We have two children and we were afraid she would seriously injure someone. We felt it was more serious than just puppy play and sent her to the boarding program for dogs with behavior problems at the Neuman K-9 Academy.

At the end of the training program, Josiah met with our family and explained the rules he implemented with Annie and helped us understand that we mean what we say. Josiah also explained to us how important exercise and socialization is for puppies. He gave us many specific suggestions and sent us home with written instructions to follow. Josiah followed up with us to answer questions and see how Annie was doing.

The change in Annie is clearly evident. She listens to us more intently, follows our commands and overall is much more relaxed and affectionate. We have learned to respect her and she in turn is more responsive to our commands. Annie is still very full of energy and eager to chew on anything she can find but she is now a good companion to our family. Annie will be attending basic obedience training at the Neuman K-9 Academy in February and we are eager to see the further progress she will make.

Cooper and his family
Name: Brittany Hanno / Jordan, MN
Dog's name: Cooper

Hello, I have a German Shepherd dog that completed Obedience Level I in April. I have tried training Cooper alone and got frustrated so I started looking for something. I found Josiah and from the first time we met him I knew this was the place I would bring Cooper. Josiah was very professional and listened to our wants and needs which was great!

He came home a new and improved dog, not only in working mode, also in etiquette. When we got him back and went back for our sessions Cooper was excited to see Josiah so you know he got treated with great respect while gone at training! Thanks Josiah and Summer for all your hard work.

Neuman K-9 Academy Inc. Graduates
Name: Amy Lemaniak / Lowry, MN
Dog's Name: Faith

Prior to training Faith would not respond to commands, such as "sit" and "no" unless I had a "treat". She would try to bite if I wanted her to do something and she did not want to. Faith would pull on leash during walks, even with a pinch collar. She would jump on people and furniture, and get into the trash. After training Faith is overall much more calm. She obeys "sit" "down" "stay" and "come" commands. Faith has not attempted to bite anyone. On walks she stays right beside me, and I can even put the leash around my shoulders and not hold onto it. Friends and family have commented on her obedience and calmer state, and I have recommended Neuman K-9 Academy to them.

Neuman K-9 Academy Inc. Graduates
Name: Robert Huffman / Mound, MN
Dog's Name: Buddy

I am totally satisfied with the service I received. My dog has been great ever since. He came back the same happy dog - not a zombie.

Neuman K-9 Academy Inc. Graduates
Name: Tim and Peg Kunkel / Fairmont, MN
Dog's Name: Ben

We have been very pleased with our overall experience with the Neuman K-9 Academy; from our initial contact and getting our questions answered through the actual training experience & weekly communication & updates to the continuous follow-ups after the training to provide us with support for continued success.

Neuman K-9 Academy Inc. Graduates
Name: Mike and Heidi Zuhlsdorf / New Ulm, MN
Dog's Name: Bindi

We have been very pleased with our overall experience with the Neuman K-9 Academy; from our initial contact and getting our questions answered through the actual training experience & weekly communication & updates to the continuous follow-ups after the training to provide us with support for continued success.

Neuman K-9 Academy Inc. Graduates
Name: Leon and Jackie Murray / Good Thunder, MN
Dog's Name: Daija

Our dog Daija, was very unruly. We got her as a puppy not knowing she was so high maintenance. Fearing she was un-tamable we contacted Josiah. He took her in to train when she was 6 months old. The results were unbelievable.She was a different dog. She still has her energy but its completely tolerable. She does all of her commands and is happy to be obedient. Josiah was so helpful with any questions or concerns we have had since her training.

Neuman K-9 Academy Inc. Graduates
Name: Greg Valley / Mankato, MN
Dog's Name: Sage

I adopted Sage from the Humane Society in Siren Wisconsin. She became a member of our family in April. Coming from poor living conditions and ending up a stray, Sage had severe separation anxiety. It was difficult to leave her alone. She was a smart dog, however never being trained she lacked obedience. I consulted Josiah Neuman with Neuman K-9 Academy in September 2007 and was extremely impressed by his compassion and understanding of my situation with Sage. She immediately started "Boot Camp".

Upon graduation, I was unsure that I was picking up the same dog that I had dropped off three weeks prior. This well behaved and much calmer dog was indeed mine. Her temperament was extremely impressive. Josiah had not only changed my favorite four legged friend's life, but transformed mine. I learned several things I had been doing were affecting Sage's understanding of rules and boundaries. Sage and I both continue to go back with refresher courses to continue the learning process. Josiah and Neuman K-9 Academy have been an absolute blessing. The academy has been brought up in several conversations with friends, family and even strangers who ask me about how Sage is so well behaved. Josiah Neuman is always mentioned with great enthusiasm and appreciation

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