Savannah - Boot Camp II. Graduate
Name: Jim Kilburg / Minneapolis, MN
Dog's Name: Savannah

We recently left our dog (Savannah) who has never been trained and suffers from anxiety issues when left alone, in the hands of the Neuman K-9 Academy. What we left Josiah and his staff was an undisciplined dog whose anxiety caused her to chew everything in site when left alone and what we got back (after 8 weeks) was a well trained dog who listened when given commands and behaved better than we ever imagined. It was the best investment we have ever done.

The care and direction they gave our dog and the time they spent with us to ensure we understood the various commands and the importance of consistency when handling dogs was first class.We would recommend Neuman's K-9 Academy to all. Thanks to Josiah and Summer for your patience and love for our dog and giving us back a new Savannah. The Kilburgs.

Shelby - Boot Camp I. Graduate
Name: Tiffany Scalzitti / Minneapolis, MN
Dog's Name: Shelby

I took my small, terrier mix, almost 2 year old dog, to Neuman K-9 Academy for Doggie Boot Camp and could not be more satisfied with her results! I was impressed from my first point of contact, when I called Josiah and asked that, though the particular session I was interested in was booked solid, would there be any way he could take my dog, as it worked best with my upcoming travel schedule. After a few questions, he agreed to take my dog into that session. As any dog owner would be, I was nervous to leave my dog for a month for training, but the weekly progress update emails were absolutely fantastic and seeing pictures of my dog in her training activities was quite entertaining.

Upon picking her up, not only was I provided with a CD showing what she'd been taught, but Josiah spent an hour with me, showing me the commands and teaching me as well. I am absolutely satisfied with the training both my dog and myself received and would absolutely send her again, as well as recommend Neuman K-9 Academy to anyone who would like to have a well trained dog, but who might not have the time to do so themselves.

Max relaxing at home
Name: Elana Walton / St. Louis Park, MN
Dog's Name: Maximus

We sent our 18 month old dog, Maximus, to the 8-week boot camp level II, and couldn't be more pleased with the results! Before going to the academy, he would jump and knock people over, pull repeatedly during walks, and never keep any command for more than a minute or so.

After returning from the Neuman academy, Max seems like a different dog. He consistently walks at a heal, he rarely jumps up (and when he does, quickly corrects himself at our command), and he holds commands for as long as we want. I would definitely recommend this Academy.

Charles Bluett and Nala
Name: Amy Bluett / Minneapolis, MN
Dog's Name: Nala

The training our Boxer received at Neuman K-9 Academy was incredible. We still work with her to ensure the training lasts but the attention our boxer gives to her handler is incredible and after attending boot camp our Boxer rarely needs more of a correction than a calm "no" before doing what has been asked of her.

We could not be more impressed with the results.

Zeus at home relaxing in the backyard
Name: Ellie Throop / Old Hickory, TN
Dog's Name: Zeus

Our dogs are members of our family, cherished like children, and we provide only the very best for them. From food to exercise, their needs are just as important as ours. Our male GSD, Zeus, needed more training and instruction from us than we knew how to give. I searched the country looking for someone who would love and cherish Zeus like we do but also offer him the level of training and instruction we could not. Zeus is an intelligent rescue, full of bad habits, but incredibly loving, sensitive and curious. We knew with his age and temperament he'd be a challenge and a short, weekly class was out of the question. But we couldn't stand the thought of a in-boarding situation where he'd be in a kennel removed from people, scared and stressed.

Out of the nation-wide search I conducted looking for inboard, thorough, loving training Neuman K-9 was easily the best just on his website design alone. The clean, clear communication with ample photos, testimonials and information let us see that this was a credible, organized, and successful operation in a home environment that focused completely on the success and comfort of the dogs. Nothing about the training was hidden from us and every bit of the experience would be documented and recorded with updates for us weekly as to his progress.

When we traveled from TN up to MN to tour the facility it was definitely worth the drive. The site was amazing, the facilities immaculate and the dogs in training were incredible. The best part was how down to earth Josiah and Summer were about accepting Zeus and listening to us go on and on about his every little temperament detail. So while they were great teaching us, they also displayed their main focus would be Zeus. Throughout the experience Josiah has never been anything other than articulate, supportive, professional and dedicated to Zeus and our family's training.

Zeus is home now and the training continues, because Josiah and Summer are still there for us and Zeus when we need help tackling new situations. The transformation in Zeus was remarkable. He is still an incredibly loving, curious and sensitive dog but now knows what is expected of him behavior-wise and we do too. With a 5 yr old dog new habits are hard to form, but Josiah provided us an incredibly strong foundation to enjoy the next 5 years helping Zeus understand limits and helping us learn to set them. I'm sure without a shadow of a doubt we would have had to face some impossible situations with Zeus were it not for the training and guidance from Neuman K-9.

It's a hard decision spending money on a dog for training, but working with Josiah made it easy because I knew we were investing in our future, and Zeus's future, too. Working with Neuman K-9 has absolutely changed our life, improving it in ways we'd never imagine because as much as we love dogs, we're not training experts. I would highly recommend Neuman K-9 and look forward to sending our rescued Beagle, Buddy, to boot camp next year!

Neko and his family
Name: Paula Green / Apple Valley, MN
Dog's Name: Neko

We have a German Shepherd Dog and we decided we wanted to do Obedience and Protection Training with him. We first reviewed Josiah's website and then met with him. Once we talked to him about what we wanted we knew he was the trainer we wanted to work with! Since then our dog has received his Obedience training and is doing excellent with that. We are now working with him on an on-going basis for his protection training and are very very happy with his work.

You can tell our dog loves to work with Josiah as he gets excited each time we drive in! He has a great philosophy about training and is extremely knowledgeable in many different aspects of training and dogs in general. We couldn't have made a better choice for the training of our dog and the training of us, the handlers! I would highly recommend Neuman K9 for any of your training needs!

Maverick and his family
Name: Daren Meier / Faribault, MN
Dog's Name: Maverick

We had our standard schnauzer, Maverick, trained at Neuman K-9 Academy last spring. He came back from training doing exactly what Josiah said he would. We were amazed! Josiah was professional, helpful, and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable leaving my dog with him. I would recommend him to anyone.

Buddy and his family.
Name: The Post family / Chaska, MN
Dog's Name: Buddy

We had purchased a dog for our son who was eight. It has been a long time since we had to train a dog and this was our first large dog. As our new puppy grew in size, he also grew his own personality. We were at the end of our rope with trying to train Buddy and feared his safety as he kept running away and into the street.

I searched the web for help and found Neuman K-9 Academy Inc. I called immediately and booked him a spot. It was hard to say goodbye to Buddy but knew it was for the best. During his training we received weekly recaps with pictures. The family sat by the computer each Monday night to wait for this update. It was exciting to watch Buddy grow and develop.

Soon the 8 weeks were up and it was time to bring Buddy home. I couldn't believe my eyes for Buddy has transformed into a well behaved dog that listened intently to the commands and obeyed.

Neuman's academy was amazing in training our loving dog and provided us with the tools and information necessary to maintain what Buddy has learned. This was a well worth it investment!

Sydney - Boot Camp II. Graduate
Name: David and Jayne Wilhelm / Eden Prairie, MN
Dog's Name: Sydney

I highly recommend Neuman K-9 Academy. Our puppy was in need of training and upon collecting her after her stay, she was a transformed dog! She now responds to commands, is less prone to chasing the cats and is generally a more obedient dog. We are so pleased with the results that Josiah has helped to achieve and highly recommend Neuman K-9 Academy to others. Our dog Sydney will return for purposes of boarding during the holidays. Thanks!

David Bartels and Sophie the Labradoodle Skijorging
Name: David and Diane Bartels / Mound, MN
Dog's Name: Sophie

The Neuman K-9 Academy is a first class operation. We took our very willful 9 month old Labradoodle to Josiah Neuman and his assistant Summer Duggan to learn basic obedience plus. When we came to pick her up, she was the same fun, energetic, happy, active dog, but with the foundation basics of good manners, confidence, and obedience. During her stay we were provided weekly updates via email as well as video clips of some of the activities she was involved in. This made us feel involved even during the time she was away at training.

When we came to pick her up, Josiah spent time with us going over how to reinforce and add to the foundation he had built, what we needed to do and what we could expect from our dog. We were very pleased and felt that our investment in training at Neuman K-9 Academy was well worth it. I highly recommend this organization.

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