Whitney & her dog Ezra
Owner's Name: Whitney Thompson / Rochester, MN
Dog's Name: Ezra

My dog Ezra attended Neuman K-9 Academy's 8-week Boot Camp Level II. To say that I have been pleased with the results is an understatement. I wasn't sure that anything would work for Ezra as he had many "quirks" that stemmed from abuse before I had rescued him.

Since returning from Neuman Academy, Ezra is not only extremely obedient and demonstrates mastery of all the promised skills, but he is even a much happier dog as well. The training has taught him not to be so fearful of and reactive toward external stimuli, and instead focus on a given command. His training has truly resulted in an even stronger bond between us and has provided me with peace of mind when I take him into unfamiliar situations. The best part about Ezra's training at the Academy, though, is that the training did not end when his 8 weeks were up. Josiah and Summer have promptly and effectively answered all questions I've had regarding Ezra since training, helping me to correct something before it becomes an issue. I know the "training" that I as an owner have received from them is invaluable and will benefit all future dogs I have as well.

There are very few people I trust with Ezra, and Neuman Academy is the only place I feel comfortable boarding him when I travel. In fact, he's headed back there tomorrow for a week!

Bentley & Charlie Reisdorf
Owner's Name: Margaret Reisdorf / Grant, MN
Dog's Name: Bentley & Charlie / Goldendoodles

Both of our dogs, Charlie (age 3) and Bentley (20 months) at the time of training, attended K-9 Academy in the Fall of 2015. We have been thoroughly happy with the training they received. Specifically, Charlie attended an 8 week session and Bentley a 4 week session. Prior to Neuman Academy, both of our dogs had participated and passed several levels of obedience training but some bad habits persisted: Jumping up, Leash aggression (on occasion) towards other dogs (mainly Charlie), pulling on leash during walks.

After the training the dogs really learned all of the commands-- by hand gesture alone and by voice command needed you want for a well behaved dog---sit, come, stay, leave it, heel, off, wait, down. Consequently there is no confusion about what you are asking your dog and they get conditioned to focus on you--less distraction--and better cooperation results. We like to take our dogs everywhere with us and having this kind of training is a huge relief--much less concern about misbehavior and you and the dog know what is expected. If you have a dog like Charlie--who is great and wonderful with people but a little willful (and a bit too smart for his own good) I really recommend the 8 week training. Charlie was able to receive lots of good off leash training and interaction with other dogs--we can take him cross country skiing off leash on our property now and not worry he will run off. As to his on-leash aggression with other dogs--he still wants to be "top dog" but on leash now he is focused on me (or whichever human is walking him) and largely ignores other dogs.

We missed our dogs during their training times but the work they do each day every day really solidifies the training. We feel so blessed to have our pups and have them trained so well that they can be with us wherever we go and behave well. Josiah and Summer run a great program--if you have questions/concerns about your dog and any specific needs the dog may have they will talk to you honestly and directly. Lastly another benefit is the opportunity for boarding and after training follow up--we have not needed those services yet but we are very glad for that as well.

Indy - Doberman Pinscher
Owner's Name: Tory & Katy / Eden Prairie, MN
Dog's Name: Indy / Doberman Pinscher

Our 1.5 year old Doberman, Indy, started to show signs of aggression towards other dogs and people. This behavior was stressful for us and Indy. We knew we needed to find help. We called Josiah at Neuman K-9 Academy and we instantly felt like he could help us. We decided on the 8 week boot camp, level 2 training. I was very nervous about Indy being gone for 8 weeks and how that would affect him, but Josiah answered all of our questions and made us feel comfortable with our decision.

When we picked Indy up after his Boot Camp graduation, we were amazed at what he had learned. He is now more manageable at home and is comfortable being around other dogs and people. I was worried that his training would change his personality, but none of that changed!

Josiah and his team helped us in so many ways and they continue to be a resource for us whenever we need them!

Libby - German Shepherd Therapy Dog
Owner's Name: Leslie Maze / White Bear Lake, MN
Dog's Name: Libby / German Shepherd Dog

I was so excited to get my Rin Tin Tin German Sheperd legacy puppy almost 2 years ago. My children are grown and my husband died a few years ago plus I recently retired as a high school dean and counselor. So, my goal was to have a therapy dog and visit hospitals. Currently, I have an older golden retriever. Enter the puppy from hell!!!!!!!!! Here shorten name is Libby and as she grew & I tried to attend obedience classes, she had a mind of her own and lots of anxiety. I was consistent and loving with rules of the house. But, when I left her at another kennel while I was out of town, she destroyed it. The kennel took pictures and said she wasn't welcome back. I was crushed and I was thinking she wasn't welcome back into my house either. Libby had separation anxiety that was out of control. Something had to change before I gave her up.

I heard of Neuman K-9 Academy through a neighbor and after talking with Josiah, I wanted to sign up for the first available open for training in the Boot Camp program. Josiah told me about the program which was an organized routine that took the dog through obedience training with positive reinforcement. I dropped Libby off at Neuman K-9 and was extremely pleased with the new, clean facility and fantastic people. All of the dogs in that session were in their own kennel not making a sound when Libby entered. This was for me and Libby! Not only was there a weekly email describing Libby's goals for the week but also pictures with Libby and the trainer. I could quickly see how happy Libby was to be working and having a challenge. She even went to a park and down a slide the first week. I signed up for Boot Camp through Level III where each level has its goals. By the end of the first level she was able to stay and wait to be released, heel without pulling, ignore distractions and many more commands.

After 3 months, I picked her up. Summer was with Libby in the arena, which is beautiful, while Summer was putting her through her paces. Libby noticed me but did not bolt over but calmly walked over and was then released. When I brought Libby home it was a turn around in behavior especially with my golden retriever. I just said 'settle' or 'leave it' ,'stay' and she was wonderful. All I can think of is a light switch turn-a-round with behavior and happiness. I am continuing with German Sheperd obedience class so I can learn the correct technique to work with her. I had a private lesson with Summer, who is amazing, and got other tips ton how best to make my signals clear to Libby. Also, I now use Neuman K-9 for boarding where I can add refresher class and or exercise for the day. Libby is very happy and so am I. This was the best decision I have ever made. And, hopefully, in June, we will pass her therapy dog exam. Leslie Maze - now, a pro

Note: July of 2015 Libby certified as a Therapy Dog.

Owner's Name: Amelia D. / Eau Claire, WI
Dog's Name: Murphy / Labradoodle

We were desperate for help with our 9 month old Australian Labordoodle puppy, Murphy. He was a handful and was causing a lot of stress in our home of four children. Murphy had no manners and we needed some intervention.

We called Josiah in desperation. We decided on The 8 week boot camp, level 2 training. This was the best decision and best money we ever spent. Murphy returned as a well mannered dog yet maintaining his playful personality. Josiah trained him with simple commands the entire family could carry out.

Josiah has become our "go to" person for behavior advice and K9 Academy is a fun productive place to board Murphy when we leave town. We are forever grateful to Josiah and his staff for cultivating a wonderful, well behaved dog that everyone we meet comments on his good manners.

Amelia --

Shiba Inu Dexter
Owner's Name: Danica Baron / Alameda, CA
Dog's Name: Dexter / Shiba Inu

Josiah and Summer are wonderful, professional, patient and incredibly knowledgeable. They helped my family source a beautiful Shiba Inu dog and then took over the training for a few months while he was still a puppy.

Dexter (the Shiba Inu) is easily one of the best dogs (and best trained dog) I have ever encountered. I get constant compliments about how well behaved he is. This is one of the BEST investments I have ever done.

We loved the weekly pictures and updates and when we arrived in MN to pick up Dexter, Josiah and Summer spent numerous hours with me and my daughter reviewing the commands to ensure that the training continued smoothly at home.

My only complaint is that they don't live in California. :-)

Hope to see you guys again soon :-))

Danica --

Siberian Husky Malto
Owner's Name: Jessica & Jared G. / Manvel, ND
Dog's Name: Malto / Siberian Husky

Wow. I referred to my dog as "my devil baby" until he went to Neuman K-9 academy. Since we have had him home, he has been such a joy to be around. He listens to commands and is such a gentleman. We had kids over last night and he stayed in his place while they interacted with him… that is something we have never been able to do before.

All of our future dogs will be going to Newman K-9 academy.

Jessica, Jared, Malto --

German Shepherd Sota
Owner's Name: Lindsay & Brent Prochnow / Plymouth, MN
Dog's Name: Sota / German Shepherd Dog

My wife and I cannot say enough good things about Josiah, Summer and the entire staff at Neuman K-9 Academy!

Our German Shepherd Sota was out of control and aggressive toward other dogs at the dog park when we decided to send him to boot camp at Neuman. Ever since he attended their boot camp he is great around other dogs, our 1 year old daughter and all of my young nieces and nephews.

They are also the only place I can think of that will pick up and drop off your dog for boarding. They treat Sota fantastic and he loves going back to Neuman for boarding as he gets refresher training and plays with other well trained dogs. As soon as they come to pick him up he greets the staff with excitement and doesn't even look back.

I highly recommend you send your dog to Neuman K-9 Academy. You will not regret it.

Brent --

Owner's Name: Julie Pfeiffer & David Wandling / Wayzata, MN
Dog's Name: Nala

Josiah and Summer are lifesavers! We brought our puppy Nala to them for the first time when she about 6 months old. Nala was a complete handful for us. She wouldn't listen, she was jumping up on people, chewing everything in sight, and not obeying us at all.

After one month with Josiah and Summer, she was a changed dog!!! They provided us weekly updates and pictures which was great! When we picked her up, we couldn't believe the transformation. She is such a joy now! Nala has been back for a second boot camp as well as many weekend visits when we are out of town. Nala loves Josiah and Summer!!! When we tell her she is going to see Josiah and Summer, she gets totally excited and is thrilled to see them! Josiah and Summer have been such a blessing a for us!

I would recommend them to anyone who needs training or boarding for their dog. They are simply AWESOME!!!

Julie --

Macee (Labrador Retriever
Name: Kathy Arendt
Dog's Name: Macee / Labrador Retriever

My dog Macee graduated from Boot Camp Level 1 in April 2013. She was 10 months old when I enrolled her. They completely transformed her from an unruly puppy to a lovely, well-behaved dog! She is a joy to live with. Leash walks are easy now.

This week on Christmas Eve she visited people at the seniors' home, wearing her jingle bells and sitting nicely so they could pet her. She waited patiently at the cafe entrance while I went in to buy coffee. Strangers were passing by but she stayed focused on me. With my busy work schedule, there is no way I could have done this myself. I don't have the skills or patience either.

Bringing Macee to Boot Camp was an investment in our happy life together. I highly recommend Neuman K-9 Academy for training and boarding.

Kathy Arendt

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