Lovie the German Shepherd
Name: Joy Smith
Dog's Name: Lovie / German Shepherd Dog

When I dropped Lovie off, I wrote on FB that I was nervous, but after stepping foot on 'campus', my nerves went away the minute I experienced the clean, safe, and happy environment that Lovie would be in. Summer's smile put me at ease and Josiah answered every one of my 100 questions. Over the course of Lovie's eight week stay, I looked forward to Josiah's very detailed updates full of pictures. The weeks past, and updates came and one thing I noticed in the pictures...not only was my dog happy and his training advancing, but I also noticed the smiles on Summer and Josiah's faces. These are two trainers that love their jobs! The week leading up to our reunion I bombarded Josiah with emails concerning our travel plans and the famous MN winter weather. Josiah and Summer worked with us and we were able to pick up Lovie and get back on the road before the weather set in. After we made it back home, Lovie picked up right where he left off, our daughters BFF, my constant companion, our family dog, but better!

The team at Neuman K9 didn't just teach Lovie obedience...they gave him Life Skills. Josiah reminded me that Lovie is still a puppy (6mo), and he is going to test boundaries...the only person in our home testing boundaries is my two-year old toddler-not Lovie, he is definitely doing his job and making NK9 proud! Visiting with Josiah after two days on my own was a real treat. I was able to touch base on a few training questions that I was unsure about {training for me}. I think that when you find a professional that makes you think, "I want to be their friend" - means you have hit the {JACKPOT}! That is how I feel about Neuman K9 - I plan to send Lovie back to camp to finish his Boot Camp III... and every other dog we have...they will be going too!

Joy Smith

Angeles Jack
Name: Robert Davis
Dog's Name: Jack and Angeles / German Shepherd Dogs

I spent a lot of time (almost 3 years) reviewing and searching for the right trainer(s) for my dog. Training is an investment and I wanted to know that I picked the right person(s) that I could trust would properly train my dog and then I could learn and follow through when my GSD returned to me. During this time I contacted Josiah several times with different questions about the boot camp program and his method of training. He was professional, answered my questions and never tried to push a sale to get me to sign up. He gave me the room I needed to make an informed decision. I also called other trainers and even tried a once a week training with a different group of folks (they used the gentle leaders) and I was not impressed with the training method used. So I quit after 2 weeks and continued looking but I kept coming back to Neuman's website. I watched the videos and looked at the photos. I read the testimonials and then began saving up the money.

During this time I initially had one German shepherd that needed training. However, in November 2010 I rescued a highly abused, shut-down shepherd (whom I named Jack) who also suffered from seizures; he was home bound and suffered with social phobia too. After rescuing Jack I put the idea of training on hold, spending much of the saved up training money to tend to Jack??s medical needs and to bring Jack out of his shell and build trust with him. After a personal tragedy this year, I knew it was time to make the decision to reach out to Josiah (as Neuman K-9 was my top selection - they were my only selection to be honest). I explained Jack's situation and we went over his medical history. He and his team agreed they would try to help Jack, realizing that due to his seizures, he mental state might present a challenge but they were up for it. I appreciated the honest conversation with Josiah and Summer. Going into the training, Jack would never walk on a leash, he ran from them. He only felt safe in the house or the back yard. I took Jack and my other Shepherd (Angeles - pronounced Angelus) and got them settled in, reviewing the training plan, etc. and left them in very skilled, trustworthy hands. Each week Josiah sent me status reports on both my dogs along with pictures. The very first week I cried. Jack was on a leash, outside and getting used to obstacles (like climbing up wooden boards, up into playground houses and down slides). Josiah and team began to build his confidence and strengthen his spirit. Angeles was easy. No medical issues and he is a 'go with the flow' dog (although he can be strong headed - as he likes to push his weight around).

As each week progressed there was more progress. Sometimes small and other times major breakthroughs; treadmill training for example being Jack's favorite past time! I don't even have to use a leash on the treadmill with him at home. I just hold his loose collar and he runs! At the end of the training (8 weeks), I performed handler training with my dogs. Angeles did very well, no surprise there, great trainer and great DNA in my dog! With Jack, my goal of being able to have him walk next to me on a leash was achieved. He did every command just right. Angeles had to have a few corrections as he was excited to see me and just wanted to go home! But I did as Josiah and Summer said, we take our time and let Angeles know you are in control, the leader that lets him know when it is time to go and not the other way around. Today, Jack walks wherever I want to take him. And getting him to walk with my other dogs (I have 3 total) is a breeze. He enjoys his time out in public now. His confidence is built up and I continue working with him as Josiah and Summer told me to as part of the after boot camp home training. The week of July 8 I took the dogs to St Anthony Main (in Minneapolis) by the river. We moved slow, medium and fast, they kept in stride. We moved in and around people, they didn't miss a step. And when a little dog came near I had the dogs sitting and they left the little barker alone. I even got an "I'm impressed!" from the owner. When we sat down on one of the benches, Jack just turned around and gave me a BIG smile! I could see he was happy. He felt safe and his spirit was improved.

I'm very proud of the investment made in my dogs and very confident in the teaching methods of Josiah and his team. I know I chose the right people because it shows. My objectives were met. They worked hard with my dogs and I highly recommend anyone searching for the right place. Neuman K-9 is that place.

Robert Davis

Bailey and Boogie Hagen
Name: Marissa Hagen
Dog's Name: Bailey / German Shepherd Dog

NeumanK9 Academy I can't say enough great things! The results are there and the proof follows the dog home! A happy dog is a trained dog and a safe dog is a obedient dog!! I wanted both and with the excellent training skills of Josiah, Summer and their crew I got the results I needed! They are up front honest with you, keep you posted on progress reports. It was hard to be away from my Dog Bailey for a month but knowing she was at Neuman K-9 Academy was very comforting knowing she was learning! She is more confident, more obedient, more respected in public than she was before! Each day we practice and work on the skills learned for it is now the handlers responsibility to carry through the foundation work Josiah and Summer set within the dog!

I recommend Neuman K-9 Academy to anyone!!! Will be a life long customer to come!

Marissa & Bailey pup

Bella Dillon - Doberman Pinscher
Name: Eamon Dillon
Dog's Name: Bella / Doberman Pinscher

When my fiance and I brought Bella, a wonderful Doberman puppy into our household, we were a little naive to think that we could complete all the training necessary to give Bella a fulfilled life. Although we tried, Bella being such a powerful dog in both mind and body, required a true professional.

After Bella started displaying some fearful aggression towards strangers, we both had that sinking feeling like we were loosing control of our dog. Not having the correct tools and training to keep Bella calm was truly an awful feeling. Living scared of sending her out in the yard, taking her on walks, and bringing strangers to the house was no way for us to live.

It was at that point that we found Neuman K-9 online. Being young professionals, we were concerned about the price and length of the program (Boot Camp II). However, all of those feelings changed IMMEDIATELY upon meeting with Josiah and Summer, seeing the graduates and talking through the program with them.

They are both consummate professionals and the service they provide is incredible. Although sending Bella for 8 weeks seemed like an eternity, getting the weekly updates about her progress, gave us something to look forward to each week. When Bella came back to us she was truly transformed. Not only was she extremely well trained and behaved but the training restored our confidence as handlers. You need not worry about your dog becoming a "robot", Bella still has the wonderful personality that we sent her with. However, she now knows how to handle even the most trying situations with a calm, confidence. Josiah, Summer and the rest of the Neuman K-9 team truly changed our lives for the better.

Bottom line....If you're having any issues with your dog and think that professional training is something you'd consider, call Neuman K-9. They are worth EVERY PENNY!

Langston Mertz
Name: Katie Mertz
Dog's Name: Langston

I couldn't have been more impressed with Neuman K9 Academy. Josiah and Summer, the trainers/handlers, really know their stuff. I have a 10-month old Lab/Husky mix, Langston, who is very energetic and playful. A month ago, he was completely self-interested and sometimes difficult to control. Multiple 8-week one-hour training sessions just weren't doing it for us... he was still walking me (rather than the other way around), jumping up on guests, eating everything imaginable, and generally ignoring me.

I decided to try the 4-week Boot Camp I at Neuman K9 Academy, and the results are unbelievable. I have to say I was suspicious that all the reviews on //insiderpages.com were so amazing, but I completely understand why! Josiah and Summer have it DOWN. I felt great leaving Langston with them - they're organized, clear, and super friendly. Langston is now a pleasure to walk with and be with, and even though he's still a friendly, excitable puppy, he has learned to contain his energy and obey commands.

Josiah and Summer do a great job and upon graduation, spent considerable time with me to go over all the commands and make sure I was comfortable handling my dog. It takes time and practice to enforce the same behavior back on my own turf, but Josiah and Summer made sure I was set up for success, just like Langston was. On top of that, I can go back for two free sessions with them any time in the future. The price point seems high at first, but this was really an investment that Langston and I will reap the rewards of for his entire lifetime.

It's completely worth it. We couldn't be happier!! Thank you Josiah and Summer!!

(I highly recommend their website; it's super informative)

Sacha Snow
Name: Cay Snow
Dog's Name: Sacha / White German Shepherd

Despite having two rescued greyhounds, I know nothing about dog training, which became very apparent after we added a White German Shepherd puppy to our "pack." Sacha was 13 weeks old when he arrived from Chicago to our home near San Francisco. He was terrified and shy. We thought he would adjust after a few days, but his shyness turned into strange behavior and as he grew we realized we could end up with a large, fearful GSD. Scared that the situation was becoming unmanageable, we turned to a highly acclaimed local dog trainer but despite our best efforts, Sacha's behavior continued to spiral downward. At our wits end, we decided to ship Sacha to Josiah Neuman and Summer Duggan from Neuman K-9 Academy in Minnesota. It was a huge leap of faith and many people thought we were crazy to ship him to a training facility we had never seen.

Twelve long weeks later, Sacha returned accompanied by Josiah and if I didn't know my dog, I would swear he was a stunt double. Sacha is a completely different dog.

He's full of confidence, well-mannered, and a pleasure to be around. He's still on the shy side, but now people can actually pet him and we can bring him out in public without him cowering behind us.

Thanks to Josiah and Summer we finally have the dog we were hoping for. They are nothing short of miracle workers and I cannot recommend them enough.

If you're on the fence, take a leap of faith like we did. Neuman K-9 Academy was worth every penny and you will not be disappointed.

Koda Engstrom
Name: Kristen Engstrom
Dog's Name: Koda / German Shepherd Dog

We brought our 2 year old German Shepherd named Koda to Josiah after we noticed he was starting to become reactive with other dogs and lacked discipline. Koda was always very good inside the home, but around new places, people, and dogs he became very anxious and distracted and often fearful. I contacted Josiah and he had a consult with me on the phone to determine which program was best for our dog. Koda started Boot camp II in May of 2011. Josiah gave us weekly updates with pictures and answered our many questions throughout Koda's time at boot camp. We now have Koda back home and I can't believe this is the same dog. Koda has his same personality but now with so much more confidence, trust, and discipline. We are able to introduce new people/dogs/ and places to him while keeping him calm and focused. Koda is so happy and we can tell he's so much more relaxed now that he knows what he's supposed to be doing.

Thank you to both Josiah, Summer and the staff at Neuman K9 for not only caring and training Koda but training us too! Fantastic Boot camp-- I will recommend Neuman K-9 Academy again and again!

--Ryan and Kristen

Cherry Koski
Name: Angel Koski
Dog's Name: Cherry / Labrador Retriever

We brought Cherry Love, an energetic lab puppy to Josiah and Summer for four week boot camp. Twice called "a whole lot of dog", Cherry came home with all of her personality intact but also able to follow commands and function within the family as a confident, obedient puppy. Absolutely worth the investment. We plan on another round of "off leash" when she's a bit older. Our vet complimented her as being one of the best mannered lab puppies he's seen in over 35 years.

Training helped with overall family dynamic - even the kids can walk the dog and give commands with success. Most important: you can trust Josiah and Summer as handlers.

Shadow - Family photo
Name: Denise Landsteiner / Paynesville, MN
Dog's Name: Shadow

I just returned from Shadow's yearly vet appointment. I can not tell you what a difference this years appointment was from last year! Shadow graduated from Boot Camp in June 2010. Last year the vet appointment was in March so he had not been at your facility yet. That appointment was pretty much a nightmare as I had no way to get his attention and calm him. This year he was still nervous and anxious at that is his personality but his focus was on me and my commands. I just wanted to let you know what wonderful work you are doing and how much we appreciate the difference we see in our dog. The appointment today was a breeze. Even the vet commented on how well Shadow was listening. I made sure to tell him that Shadow is a graduate of the Neuman K-9 academy.

Thanks again,

Denise and Shadow

Leo - Border Terrier Boot Camp Dog Training
Name: Aris Assimacopoulos / Sioux Falls, SD
Dog's Name: Leo

We were extremely happy with the training provided by Neuman K-9 Academy. Our dog is a pleasure to be around now and really listens. We did the 8 week course and it was worth every penny. Not only did our dog learn the commands, he just got a lot more polite in general. He leaves things alone now when we tell him. I will bring him back for the board and train if I leave on an extended vacation. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Also, Josiah really provides great updates about how the dog is doing and has provided great follow up for questions that we had after we brought our dog home.

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