Mocha - Obedience Training graduate
Name: Chris and Jennifer Harbo / St. Peter, MN
Dog's Name: Mocha

Just wanted to thank you again for all of your training with Mocha. We just hosted Thanksgiving at our house and Mocha's behavior exceeded our expectations. It was the first time we've attempted to host a large party since we got him more than a year ago and he did great! Yes, as always, he was very excited when the guests arrived, but once released to great everyone, he did so politely and didn't jump up on anyone or try to chew on anyone's fingers. Within two minutes, he was calmly mingling within everyone in the room. Best of all, during dinner he stayed in his down/stay while everyone ate. In fact, most of our guests forgot he just 20 feet away.

We know that without your training tonight's gathering would have been a very different (and stressful) experience. As it was, we were relaxed, Mocha was relaxed, and everyone had a great time. For that, and for every day we practice his obedience, we are thankful!

Pearl and Lucy - Boot Camp graduate
Name: Faith and Roy Bredholt / Excelsior, MN
Dog's Name: Pearl and Lucy

After four weeks of boot camp our labs, Pearl (2years old) and Lucy (1.5 years) returned home completely different than when they left. For the first time they were very well behaved. They were calmer, attentive to our commands and focused on pleasing us. They walk on the leash beautifully without pulling and sit down when we stop. They ignore other dogs and animals and behave quietly. People continually stop us to tell us what nice manners our dogs have.

We feel that because of boot camp we now have many years to truly enjoy our dogs without the unruly behavior they exhibited before they attended. When they first returned home they tested us by trying to return to some of their previous behavior but quick reminders reinforced the boot camp training and their good behavior returned immediately. We would recommend this to any dog owner as an investment in their future enjoyment of their dog. The results of the boot camp training are incredible!

Mickie - Boot Camp graduate
Name: John Noonan / Cologne, MN
Dog's Name: Mickie

K9 Academy completely overachieved every goal that we had hoped for! Sorta feels like we have a brand new dog,....She is still as sweet as ever,...but, now she is even happier yet,..because she can follow simple instructions. Our Pitbull Mickie just loves to follow instruction, and it is even sort of funny, because when we put in the tape on the TV,...and she hears Josiah's voice,...she still follows his instruction! We are looking forward to even more advanced training in the future.

I can't wait for any opportunity that we are presented with,..to recommend K9 Academy. Thanks for everything!!

Tank and Bruiser - Graduates
Name: Adam Wartman / Minnetonka, MN
Dog's Name: Bruiser and Tank

I have two American Bulldogs, and I can't even express how happy I am with the outcome after Josiah worked with them. Not only that, but I get compliments daily on how impressive it is that my dogs are so well behaved. While I had to find Josiah and now keep up with the training, he and Summer really did all the work. Since then he has been nothing but helpful with questions and advice now that they are home.

I have recommended several others to his program, and I wouldn't do so if I wasn't 100% satisfied.

Maverick - Boot Camp II. Graduate
Name: Nathan / Missouri
Dog's Name: Maverick

I looked for a good dog trainer for about two years before I found Josiah Neuman. I first discovered the Neuman K-9 Academy through a Youtube video of a little boy handling a perfectly Obedient dog, it was trained by Josiah. Right off the bat I was very impressed by the quality of Neuman's web design and the Obedience of the dogs shown in the videos.

Despite living seven hours away from Neuman K-9 Academy, I knew that Josiah was the right trainer for Maverick. I had many needlessly difficult days with Maverick before I enrolled him in the two month Boot Camp II class. I am impressed with Maverick's performance upon completion; he is not a new dog - but rather the same, taken to a level of control I never thought possible. I look forward to trying my best to continue what was started so well at Neuman K-9.

I trusted my dog to Neuman for two months and I hope you will do the same. Thank you, Josiah!


Ernie - Boot Camp II. Graduate
Name: Paul Hansen / St. Paul, MN
Dog's Name: Ernie

I was desperate when I contacted the Neuman K-9 Academy. I own a Labradoodle who has lots of sprit and independence. I worked with my dog in multiple weekly classes. We would work hard together, but life always seemed to get in the way and without the consistency our training was not very effective.

When I enrolled Ernie (my dog) in boot camp I was nervous. After all I just paid someone to take my dog for 8 weeks and train him without even being involved in the process. I was concerned about my dogs adjustment away from home, and often wondered if it would work once he started back in his routine. There was also trepidation about the amount of money I was paying for this dog.

I cant tell you how grateful I am to Josiah and his team for working with Ernie. Not only was his training excellent, but Ernie has done a great job at home. I never thought I would get him to recall or sit/lay on command for any length of time. He has exceeded my expectations and more. My relationship with Ernie has improved greatly because of this experience. We now spend our time running, walking, playing recall games and I don't have to worry about him not coming or placing himself in danger.

The team at Neuman K-9 Academy is amazing!! They have been professional and were always willing to communicate with me at any point in the process. I would recommend Neuman K-9 Academy to any of my friends or family. I would encourage you to contact Josiah over the phone and ask lots questions about the training. It helped me understand the process and decreased my anxiety.

Sunny - Boot Camp II. Graduate
Name: Kiersten Osborne / Edina, MN
Dog's Name: Sunny

Our family has 2 children with autism and spent months researching service and therapy dogs for the kids. After deciding we did not want to wait a few years (or raise the funds for a number of the providers) we decided to adopt a wonderful year-old lab-mix from our local shelter (Sunny). He had a sweet, gentle, temperament and was wonderful with our children, but needed basic obedience training.

We turned to Josiah (owner of K-9 Academy) and could not be more pleased with the results. Sunny returned after 2 months of "Boot Camp" and his basic commands (sit, stay, heel, wait, place and come) are great. He is a pleasure to walk! Josiah sent us weekly updates on his progress along with wonderful pictures of his training sessions.

Josiah was easy to work with and extremely professional. He worked with Sunny at his facility as well as out in the community, which was important to us. Not only did he work on obedience, but treadmill training (conditioning) and socialization time with other dogs were included in the daily routine.

When we picked Sunny up, Josiah spent time teaching us to handle Sunny and gave us a great packet of information on his training techniques that we could refer to. He also created a DVD for us of him working with Sunny, which has been a great resource (and a fun keepsake). We are looking forward to meeting with him for our follow-up sessions and further customizing the skills for Sunny that are important to our family.

We are happy to report that last week Sunny passed his Good Canine Citizenship and Therapy Dog International exams and will be making visits to our local schools and hospitals in the near future. He is a wonderful companion to our children and is easy to have in the house as well as out in the community.

We highly recommend Newman K-9 Academy and are thankful to Josiah for all the time he spent helping us with Sunny. We feel the investment we made will be paying off for the next 10+ years. :)

Rudy - Boot Camp II. Graduate
Name: Jeanne Burkhart / North Mankato, MN
Dog's Name: Rudy

I took our dog Rudy to training/boot camp. He wasn't a horribly out of control dog, but the kids next door were teasing him and he was becoming sensitive about people in his space. He was also just never very well trained by us--and those of you who have seen labradoodles know they are no small dog. The training provided by Josiah was excellent--my dog is responsive in ways I never thought possible. Financially I thought it was a good deal. It always seems like a lot of money when you are paying for a somewhat unknown product, but I became more and more confident as I received the weekly updates. In the end I am very sure it was well worth both the time away from Rudy and the money.

I would recommend them with no reservations whatsoever. It's a long time to be without your pet, but the results for the animal's and pet owner's lives together are well worth the wait.

Luca - Boot Camp I. Graduate
Name: Sandra Becker / St. Paul, MN
Dog's Name: Luca

Our second dog is currently learning manners at Josiah's wonderful facility. He trained our enthusiastic Dalmatian to be a gentleman, and trained us as well! The dogs have great digs right in the house, a space to run and play, and instructors who know what they are doing.

Zoe - Boot Camp II. Graduate
Name: Hope Meehan / Winnebago, MN
Dog's Name: Zoe

Much Thanks to the work of Neuman K-9 Academy. They did a great job with my newly adopted three year old dog. She had fear aggression and I wasn't sure that I could keep her.

Thanks to them she is now happy and well adjusted and I can't imagine my life without her. I recommend them to ANYONE seeking dog training. Even after my dog graduated they have been helpful and professional.

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