Pepper - Boot Camp Dog Training Testimonial
Name: Stefanie Moss / Saint Paul, MN
Dog's Name: Pepper

Josiah and Summer are nothing less than remarkable. They took my sweet but very shy, fearful 9-month-old German Shepherd mixed puppy and transformed her into a functioning dog. She no longer needs to be dragged from the house to take her on a walk. She walks beautifully on a loose leash and is no longer scared to leave the house. During car rides she would drool uncontrollably but this too has improved to where she can now travel with us.

She is now a confident, well-behaved sweet dog. I could not be more pleased.

Psammy - Boot Camp Dog Training Testimonial
Name: B. Haugen & C. Horowitz / Plymouth, MN
Dog's Name: Psammy

Our dogs are beloved family members, so when we finally acknowledged that our 3-year-old foxhound was unmanageable and wasn't settling down with age, we scouted for the best training experience we could find. Josiah and crew are it.

Our little guy went to Neuman's a total maniac and came back a civilized version of himself. He still has his high energy and foxhound exuberance, but he can control himself now. He can sit and stay. He can heel and not drag us along when he spots another dog on the walking path. He can go to his "place" when asked, and stay until we say "OK." What a relief for us--and I think for him too. I was truly nervous to send this guy away for eight weeks, but he came back happy, healthy--and trained!

You'd almost have to know this dog to see what a near-miracle this is. We are happy and grateful to the Neuman K-9 Academy for their great work with our little fella.

Milo - Boot Camp Dog Training Testimonial
Name: Beth & William Dworsky / Minnetonka, MN
Dog's Name: Milo

Josiah and his staff should be very proud of providing many families with an incredible training program at such a well maintained facility for our dogs.

We brought our Doberman Pinscher to Neuman K9 Academy in hopes that Josiah could help with Milo's disobedience. After 2 months of Boot Camp, Josiah returned Milo to us a more beautiful, playful, peaceful, and well controlled addition to our family. We receive numerous compliments on our walks about Milo's good behavior and manners. Milo even impresses those fear full of Dobermans with his control and attention to our commands. The outings are no longer laborious and frustrating but pleasurable and easy.

Our anxieties of dropping Milo for 2 months quickly disappeared when we saw Josiah waiting for us on his meticulously well maintained property. His calm demeanor and obvious knowledge and concern allowed us to leave with confidence. The weekly reviews and pictures made us feel part of the processes and the time passed quickly.

The training Milo received far surpasses anything we could have done locally and on our own. Now that Milo is home our calls to Josiah with questions are always welcomed.

We are truly grateful to everyone at Neuman K9 Academy for giving us this wonderful gift, MILO!!

Vladimir - Boot Camp Dog Training Graduate
Name: Craig Hendrickson / Hopkins, MN
Dog's Name: Vladimir

My wife and I brought our 9 month old German Shepherd to the Neuman K-9 Academy and we were blown away with the changes to our dog. Vladimir went with the basic training skills we had acquired through other obedience classes and Josiah, Summer and their staff took him to a whole new level. We had Vladimir in the two month boot camp course and when we picked him up he was perfectly trained in heeling, down stays, sitting, etc. It was a struggle to get Vladimir to walk down the street without continuously stopping before the training. After the training I could take him running outside with minimal distractions.

We highly recommend the Neuman K-9 Academy for all training needs.

Craig and Karen

Rex - Boot Camp graduate
Name: Lisa Leverson / New Prague, MN
Dog's Name: Rex

Many thanks to Josiah at Neuman K-9 Academy for not only training Rex, our 1-year-old Airedale Terrier, but also training and informing us regarding dog behavior. Understanding the behaviors is such an important aspect of working together with your dog. Rex and I went through 2 obedience classes and dropped out of the second one due to frustration and the lack of making any headway. He didn't seem a part of the family, as we lacked control of him and kept him outside most of the time or in his crate when we had company. I'm so glad we found Neuman K-9 Academy at that point!

The day we arrived Rex was pulling me into the academy on his leash. Josiah told me to remember this and compare what he's like when we pick him up. After 8 weeks in Boot Camp II, Rex was a completely different dog! Being able to take him on a walk without him pulling on the leash was such a pleasure. There have been a few instances which I've been so thankful he had the training. We had some bags of mulch setting out in the lawn, and Rex found them. He tore into them, and as soon as I noticed, I gave him the "down" command. I was probably 30 feet away at the time, and he instantly went down. Another instance was when we were visiting my mother. She had dropped a pill and didn't realize it. Rex found it and was trying to dig it out from under the cupboard. I gave the command "leave it", and he instantly stopped trying to get at it. I hate to think what would have happened if he hadn't had the training.

I highly recommend Neuman K-9 Academy. Any dog that we get in the future will definitely be trained by Josiah.

Grizzly - Boot Camp graduate
Name: Rachel Sundberg / Scandia, MN
Dog's Name: Grizzly

I could not be more thrilled with the training Josiah gave my 7 month old Tibetan Mastiff, a breed known for its intolerance to being obedient. I felt it was imperative to give it a shot because when fully grown, he will go anywhere between 150-200 lbs. Josiah was up for the challenge and, amazingly, pulled it off. Grizz follows the commands superbly. I can even walk him off leash, release him and recall him and he listens. It is such a joy to take him for walks during our practice sessions that I walk further than I ever have before and Grizzly Bear and I are forming an even closer bond because of the time spent together. I have received comments from neighbors about how well trained he is...my favorite being "if only spouses could be so well-trained". In addition, I have to say that the way Josiah runs his training facility is incredibly professional!!! From the moment we dropped Grizz off to my training when I picked Grizz up, I couldn't think of anything they could do better. I found it hard to drop him off and leave him but Josiah sent weekly reports with pictures which was a godsend!

If you love your dog and want to have him trained well, this is definitely the place to go!!! Excellent, excellent, excellent!

Baron - German Shepherd Boot Camp
Name: Joel Butler / Woodbury, MN
Dog's Name: Baron

I would like to thank Josiah Neuman and the entire staff at the Neuman K-9 Academy for the superior job you did with my German Sheppard Dog Baron during his Boot Camp Level I training. His intelligence and his personality shine daily with what you have taught him. His confidence level continues to grow on a daily basis while we practice what you taught him.

I look forward to sending Baron to your Boot Camp Level II this fall to further his training. Kudos to all!

Cuthburton and Vesta - Boot Camp graduates
Name: Chaz Miller / Saint Cloud, MN
Dog's Name: Cuthburton and Vesta

I brought both of my Mastiff puppies to Neuman K-9 Academy. They were both in the Boot Camp. One was there for 12 weeks, the other was there for 8 weeks. They both came back different dogs. Both well trained and well mannered. My wife and I highly recommend Neuman K-9 Academy for your dog training needs. The only down side is that we missed our puppies.

Buster - Boot Camp graduate
Name: Brian Conner / Humble, Texas
Dog's Name: Buster

I can't say enough positive things about Josiah and Summer and Neuman K-9 Academy. Buster is a 17 month old Boxer. He is a great dog but calling him energetic would be an understatement. As he got older and larger it became very difficult for my wife and I to control him, particularly in public. Buster was becoming less and less a part of our family because he was so difficult to control in public around other people and animals. We tried trainers locally and Buster responded well as long as there were not distractions, but in the real world there are always distractions.

Given we live in Texas I was very concerned about putting Buster on a plane unaccompanied to Minnesota but Josiah walked me through the whole process. The weekly updates were great and he was (and still is) always available to talk or answer questions. After going through Boot Camp III, Buster is still a great dog, energetic and with the same personality. There difference is now he is under control. I don't hesitate at all to take him to the park, the local ice cream shop or pet store. We have also started inviting people to our house again and we don't have to keep Buster locked away in his crate the whole time. I have no doubt I can control him if people, including children, approach him. Only a small correction is required on the rare occasion he loses focuses. The training that Josiah and Summer provide is tremendous, but I believe the field trips offered in boot camp are the real differentiating factor.

This was the best investment I could have made for our dog and I can't say enough positive things.

Risque - Boot Camp graduate
Name: Mickey Miller and Doug Miller / Ramsey, MN
Dog's Name: Risque

Our 11 month old German Shepherd Risque is going to be our sons service dog. We knew that her obedience/manners had to be absolute so that we could access the public places we needed to go to continue her socialization. I researched a lot of training facilities before choosing Neuman K-9. Josiah put us at ease about trusting Risque care and education to them. Their facility is clean, homey and has a relaxed yet professional feel to it.

Neuman K-9 did an outstanding job and have remained helpful and accessible even after picking her up. Definitely lived up to our expectations. They prepared her to meet people respectfully, ignore distractions while working, calmly work through crowds of people. The confidence to navigate obstacles ie: elevators, tight aisle ways stairs, crowded hallways, and sudden strange noises. Risque has come to work with me a couple of times now. She is alert, calm and confident. Often better behaved than the people she meets. She calmly waits for them to settle down and a release command before she greets them. I worried that putting her through Boot Camp lll would change the traits and personality that her breeder and we felt would make her a successful service dog. But I can honestly say it has done nothing but enhance what was already there.The essence that makes Risque well risque is still there. She now just has some skills.

We look forward to working with Josiah and Summer as we get ready for Risque to obtain her BH, TDI and CGC.

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