Dolly (Mini Aussiedoodle)
Owner's Name: Ann Voelker
Dog's Name: Dolly Rose/ Mini Aussiedoodle

My Dolly is a graduate of Newman K-9 Academy’s 12-week Boot Camp. Sending Dolly to Neuman K-9 Academy was a big decision, not only because of the financial commitment but the time we would be separated. However, I have only positive things to say about our experience with the staff and training at the Academy. The campus itself is extremely impressive with beautiful facilities and immaculate grounds. The staff obviously love their jobs and our dogs. Communication during Dolly’s absence was excellent. I looked forward to the weekly email updates which thoroughly detailed Dolly’s training and progress. The corresponding photos were a weekly treasure! I found them to be reassuring at how well taken care of and happy Dolly seemed. The final day of training with Dolly was so enlightening. The staff members were patient and reassuring as they led me through Dolly’s training experience. The assigned training materials I received were thorough, easy to follow and helpful. I continue to be a work in progress in working on everything we learned and any lapses in Dolly’s behavior are a reflection of me rather than Dolly & her training during Boot Camp. I am so grateful to Josiah, Summer and the rest of the staff for the love, care and incomparable training that Dolly received while she was with them. I would not hesitate to recommend Neuman K-9 Academy to anyone. Your dog will be loved while learning to be a well-trained companion.



Osa (Spinone Italiano)
Owner's Name: Trish Johnson
Dog's Name: Osa / Spinone Italiano

Osa was two years old when she stayed at Neuman’s K9 Academy for 8 weeks. Spinone’s are an Italian hunting dog. Unfortunately no one in our family hunts. She is a high energy dog and once her nose was to the ground, was in ‘hunting mode’ and nothing could get her attention. My daughter had sent her golden, also an alpha hunting female, to Neuman’s with excellent results.

When my daughter would visit us and Osa would greet her with her enthusiastic ‘shot out of a cannon’ welcome, my daughter would tell me that the Neuman program was worth every penny.

She was right!

Now Osa’s recall is excellent, she understands the commands and expectations. I had concerns that I would not be able to devote the time to maintain the consistency of her training but because of the time, skill and repetition she received at Neuman’s and the owner training that they do I am able to reinforce Osa’s skills every day in small but consistent ways that help maintain her abilities.

Last week I was dog sitting 3 dogs that had been through the Neuman K-9 program more than six months ago. I asked all three for a down /stay and three dogs hit the ground and focused on my every move until I released them. That’s the result of excellent training and retention.



Maddie (Golden Retriever) Maddie (Golden Retriever)
Owner's Name: Kathy Stepien
Dog's Name: Maddie / Golden Retriever

Many thanks to you both (Josiah and Summer) and to your team for your excellent work with Maddie. Working with you all has been wonderful. I appreciate your responsiveness and have already recommended your business to others. Thank you also for taking so much time to teach me so that I can carry forward with her training.

A series a miracles and windows between storms allowed us to arrive home safely last night (Juneau, Alaska).

Maddie traveled unbelievably well. We were crammed into a spot next to a cat, behind children who repeatedly dropped socks and their plastic dinosaurs, and in front of other children who spilled a bag of red hot Cheetos. Through it all, Maddie behaved extremely well. Car, airport, shuttle train, And lyft with infinite competitions for her attention. It was a marathon day for her and she handled it better than anyone could imagine.

Attached are photos from a walk on the beach this afternoon. It was too cold to stop for photos but I was able to capture a couple of our very happy dog in motion. And I was very happy to be able to let her run, knowing she had excellent recall.

I’m confident she will have a better life and our family will enjoy our time with her so much more due to her excellent training.



Stella (Labrador Retriever mix)
Owner's Name: Bob Zaragoza
Dog's Name: Stella / Labrador Retriever (mix)

Stella was a 7-month-old rescue dog when we adopted her in July 2020, and she is a September 2021 graduate from Neuman’s 8-week Bootcamp. The camp was a huge success for Stella and our family. I have no regrets about my investment, and I wonder why it took me so long to take action.

Before training: I spent money on assorted leashes, harnesses, treats and spent hours watching Google dog training videos. I even enrolled her in a weekly, 6-week long big box training class, all to no avail. Despite my efforts, I was left with sore shoulders from her pulling before switching to a waist belt which was equally challenging and dangerous. I was cautious walking her around assorted Minneapolis lake paths and had to pull her aside or stand between her and other dogs because she was unpredictable reacting to some of them and/or to squirrels, rabbits and geese. If she darted on her extended leash, she could crash into someone – lucky this never happened. Finally, I was limited to fenced-in dog parks ranging from 5 to 15 miles away - because I like variety, or I didn’t feel like walking.

Post-training: Amazing! I confidently go anywhere with Stella. Today, I observe fellow dog owners struggle with their reactive or pulling dog and realize that I no longer have to worry because she is safely positioned next to me. Her obedience training relieved me of the burdens and anxiety of a simple walk. As we stroll the lakes or around my neighborhood, I hear accolades regarding how well she behaves. At home, she is no longer restricted to the tie-on stakes in the yard; she is free to follow me around as I do my chores. I also realized that her new skills have yielded tremendous financial savings after I calculated my avoided dog park travel costs and/or avoided fencing (physical or invisible) installation that would have occurred. Wow!! Now my only challenge is consistently applying the handler training I received.

On drop-off day, I smiled and wished Josiah and his team “Good Luck.” He confidently replied, “We don’t need luck, we got this.” Upon reflection, I concur.



Cato (German Shepherd Dog) Cato and Nico (German Shepherd Dogs)
Owner's Name: Andy Reeher
Dog's Name: Cato and Nico / German Shepherd Dogs

We have had German Shepherds for over 25 years, but not until we discovered Neuman K-9 Academy, were our dogs able to experience the freedom that comes with being fully responsive and trustworthy. It has also substantially increased the quality of our lives as we don't have to take extraordinary measures when guests arrive, or when we pass other dogs on our walks.

We sent our first dog four years ago. He was a year-old male with a sweet temperament. I have "trained" my own dogs all my life and could get them to a very basic level of deportment, but when I worked with my newly trained dog, I felt like I had switched from riding a unicycle to driving a german sedan. He was attentive and well mannered, and could be in situations that I never would have tried before.

When we saw what they could do with our pup, I asked about their willingness to take on a very bull-headed and intimidating 6 year old hundred pound male. When we did my orientation with him three months later, his great qualities of strength and steadiness were polished, while his aggressive barking at other dogs was gone. I no longer had to limit our walks. We could let them be outside with us on our patio in town without having to juggle leashes. They could be a part of family activities without distracting from our entertaining. They were able to spend much more time with us, and be more a part of group.

The thing I learned at Neumans was how different dog psychology is from human psychology. By starting with how the dog sees the world and what the dog wants, they train confident dogs and confident handlers. We have participated in a variety of training approaches. This approach made my dog and I a team, while other methods felt like my dog was my customer. The method at Neumans is sound, satisfying and sustainable.

Communication before, during and after training is a key feature of the academy. Questions are answered clearly and quickly. We always looked forward to our weekly training updates, and we really understood the thinking beneath the method when we left handler orientation.

Our daughter sent her Cairn Terrier and Corgi to Neumans based on our experience, and now they are a pleasure to walk, and are a harmonious part of their household.

I can't recommend Neuman's K-9 Academy more highly.



Marley (Golden Retriever)
Owner's Name: Jennifer Wieland
Dog's Name: Marley / Golden Retriever

I would like to give you a little update on Marley Wieland. Marley will be 2 soon and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for you all. I can take her anywhere and everyone falls in love with her, as she has been trained so well by you and listens to my commands, often without any correction. There is not a day that goes by that she does not have the collar, which I never thought to be honest, I would follow through. We take her to soccer games to see a family member and she just lays there and watches. Kids and adults just love her, and she of course eats it up. At this point we have worked with her so much that she knows what is expected and in return we have a Golden that is loved so much.

We take her places often to get her used to people, places and smells, no dog parks though :) We do go into Petsmart for her food and I cannot state enough how people comment on her behavior. The first thing I state is your amazing facility and what you have done for her and our family. It definitely took reinforcement on our end, as I could see how easy she would slip back into a naughty puppy.

One note I do want to state, we have two young grandchildren, 2 and 3. When the whole family is here, the little kiddos like to sit and a "kids" table. Marley will just lay down on the floor and will not even think about taking the food. This is huge!!!

We love that she is so well behaved and had such a great foundation. We do kennel her when gone and at night. This is where she is happy and in return, we know that she is not misbehaving.

Thank you again, I have so much gratitude.



Tank (American Pitbull Terrier)
Owner's Name: Taylor Bruhl
Dog's Name: Tank / American Pitbull Terrier

Neuman K-9 Academy is THE BEST! We adopted a 1 year old pitbull who has bounced around owners and was 60lbs of excitement. As new dog owners we assumed when his bio said “good with other dogs” we weren’t going to have much behavioral issues. Turns out our Tank loves other dogs so much he pulls and barks like crazy! We were embarrassed from the harsh looks we got and him not representing how much of a lovable harmless pitbull he really is. His paws bled, his bark was muted from always pulling, and we were exhausted. I cried on multiple occasions wondering if he was going to work in our lives. We tried a choke collar, harness, gentle leader, e collar, treats, toys, distractions, literally anything you can scrounge up from the internet and YouTube.

8 weeks seemed so long away from our new buddy and came with a big price tag. My husband and I literally read every review about this training and talked to other trainers as well. Neuman K-9 It is SO worth it. It is an investment into your pet and being able to take Tank for a walk without worrying about physically carrying him home is so wonderful! We took him to a volleyball tournament recently with so many distractions and we cannot believe the dog he used to be. They taught Tank how to control his excitement. He is still our same Tank who loves to play and be goofy but with some awesome leash manners now! He remembered us and shows zero signs of being scared of his pinch collar or his e collar. Our friends and family who knew the “old Tank” are absolutely amazed too! When we get compliments on how well behaved he is it just reassures us that the time and money was unbelievably worth it!



Bella ()
Owner's Name: Lori DelBo
Dog's Name: Beau-Bella / Airedale Terrier

February 29, 2020, I drove from Canada to Hugo, MN to bring BELLA to her new home for the next 8 weeks, so I thought. We were greeted by staff and asked to attend inside the facility for further instruction. Josiah went thru a thorough 30 min presentation and then our babies were put in their care. Bella was so excited, and Summer took her into the facility, and she was gone.

I then drove back to Canada and a week later they were closing the borders due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. I contacted Josiah and he assured me she will be in great care un-til I can cross the border to retrieve her. Worse / best case scenario they will keep her there for the 12-week program.

The Canada / USA border closed, so I extended the training to the 12-week course, I was then denied access to the USA, to pick-up Bella, due to the COVID-19 closure.

May 25, 2020, the border advised that the only way I could get Bella back to Canada was that Neuman K-9 Academy bring her to the border. I am truly grateful as Summer was able to bring Bella to the Border and I met her in the Customs parking lot where I was able to have a mini-training session with her and Bella.

June 22, 2020, Bella has now been home for 1-month and I felt compelled to write a testimonial today. I can now allow Bella to exit the house freely. She waits for me at the bottom of the stairs and then we explore the property together. We have an acre and a half of lake front property where she can run freely with wildlife. The property is not fenced in. The training has been extremely helpful in controlling her to not chase wildlife into the bush. We have been practicing all her training daily all month long. We can walk on command off-leash and she will ignore wildlife around her and focus on me. Josiah stated that this would happen. Practice, Practice, Practice.

We enjoy our walks on the road in heel position on leash. A lot of distractions for her, some days are challenging. We will continue to practice, and each day gets easier. We are learning to work as a team. The training Bella received is absolutely priceless. Thank you to Josiah, Summer, and all staff for the tentative and caring work during the Covid-19 Pandemic.



Murphy (Goldendoodle)
Owner's Name: Deborah Hamilton
Dog's Name: Murphy / Goldendoodle

If I could give Neuman K-9 Academy more than 5 stars I would!

We took our puppy – Murphy to Neuman K-9 Academy for boot camp. He was 6 months old at the time and was enrolled in the 60-day program. I wanted to share my experience and hope it helps someone else as much as it has me.

I’ve wanted an English Goldendoodle for quite a while and was excited when we brought Murphy home. We haven’t had a puppy for + 8 years and our other dogs were both less than 10 lbs.

Prior to his training, it was getting harder to control him and his energy level. He was forming bad behaviors such as counter surfing (often), eating socks – to the point we thought he may have to have surgery because he swallowed an adult size sock that wasn’t moving through his system, jumping on people, barking, pulling on the leash for walks, eating feces. You get the picture.

I was losing control of his behavior and I was desperate because my elderly father was in and out of the hospital at this time and I didn’t have the time to devote to daily consistent training. I was spending money on doggy daycare to keep Murphy occupied and exercised. Then I received an email advising Murphy could not to come back to doggy daycare until he went through training because he had toy aggression. I knew he was a smart dog so started to research different dog trainers. I came upon Neuman’s K-9 Academy and read the reviews which were very insightful. I contacted them, spoke to Josiah who informed me of their program and found out they were starting a new 60-day boot camp in less than 2 weeks. I was able to get Murphy enrolled and off he went to boot camp. While he was gone, I realized how peaceful our home was and how much energy I was spending on keeping him out of mischief and/or trouble, but I wasn’t giving him any solid training. I was exhausted!

After 60 days of boot camp, Murphy is home. I cannot express how thankful I am to Josiah and his whole team of trainers! Murphy is a changed dog! He walks and heels next to me with NO leash pulling! He’s not counter surfing! He listens to me when I give him a command. I am Murphy’s main handler in our home and my life is calmer and much more organized and consistent now since I’m not constantly trying to get him to stop bad behaviors. I have learned invaluable information that I will continue using from Josiah and his team.

If you are considering training for your dog and want lasting results, I would highly recommend Neumann K-9 Academy.



Dozier (Wheaten Terrier)
Owner's Name: Ray Joncas
Dog's Name: Dozier / Wheaten Terrier

My experience with Neuman K-9 Academy was stellar and deserves the highest possible rating.

My 4.5 year old wheaten terrier just completed the twelve week program. Our dog was always amazing with our family, but there were behaviors their were limiting our enjoyment of our dog and also causing possible concern for his safety. Specifically, he was highly leash reactive which really limited the enjoyment of taking him for a walk. Also, he would occasionally run free if someone left a door open or accidentally dropped the leash. At this point, our dog would not return until he ran himself to exhaustion or we cornered him in someone's yard. We had friends that recommended Neuman K-9 Academy so I decided to give them a call. I spoke with Josiah a couple times and he was never pushy and always very straightforward and fact based about the program. We signed up for the twelve week program after determining it would be best for our dog's age and breed.

Dropping your family dog off at a strange place for three months is disconcerting, but the staff at Neuman did an excellent job managing that process and addressing all concerns and questions. The people that work there clearly love dogs and want to help you enjoy your dog more. The weekly e-mails and photos of our dog in training were great and helpful to our kids who really missed their dog. Now that our dog is home and I can only say it is truly a transformation. He is the same lovable dog, but we are easily able to manage every behavior that previously concerned us.

The pick up day was invaluable in getting used to being the 'handler' and we went back a week later for an optional check in with the trainers. This was very helpful. I was curious to see how my dog would react to being brought back to the academy. Basically he was incredibly excited and enthusiastic which tells me he loved being there. We now plan to board him there in the future.

One thing I will say is that you need to be committed to the process and approach that Neuman utilizes. Now that we are with our dog day to day, ensuring consistency in our approach and keeping to what our dog learned is critical to getting the outcomes we want. Your dog needs you to be consistent as a handler so he can follow the commands and be set up for success. I highly recommend Neuman K-9 Academy.



Lucy (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) Lucy (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
Owner's Name: Elizabeth Culp
Dog's Name: Lucy / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

My puppy Lucy completed her training at Neuman K9 in June. I split my time between New York and California in apartments and take my dog to the office every day. I needed my new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy to be ready to be a super adaptable dog who could literally go everywhere with me.

Her training has made that more than possible. Since leaving her 8 week puppy camp she has been on 6 cross country flights, 2 ferry rides and a couple of long car trips (6+ hours) all of which have gone off without any dog issues at all. It is actually more fun traveling with her because people love to come over and say hi.

For the first 2 months after we got home I set aside 1 hour per day to practice her commands. After about a month we started doing all of her commands off leash and I had gotten to the point where we seldom needed to use the e-collar for corrections. After 5 months we only use the e-collar off leash as an insurance policy if she got distracted and started to chase a bird or squirrel.

I was initially worried about leaving such a tiny puppy at a school that seemed to work with mostly larger dogs. I was also not familiar with e-collar training and worried that it was not appropriate for such a young and small dog. Both fears were 100% unfounded. The trainers at Neumans really really really LOVE dogs, it comes through in the weekly email updates and during drop off and pick up. They only want the best for your dog so that he or she fits into your family.

Lucy did not come home as a "dog robot" or at all fearful of people or the e-collar. She is a loving, sweet puppy and eager to please. She loves her e-collar and I sometimes put in on her while we are at home playing because it really makes her happy to wear it, which I think is the best support you can have for a training device.

I can't recommend Neuman's K-9 Academy enough. The cost of training, travel and time are worth it.



Sophie (Mini-Goldendoodle)
Owner's Name: Suzy Rupp
Dog's Name: Sophie / Goldendoodle (mini)

I can't give Neuman K9 anything less than 5 stars. They deliver exactly what they say and I get complimented on my girl Sophie regularly on our walks. Here's some context on what it was like for me, before, during and after the 8 week puppy boot camp experience.

I chose to go with Neuman after a lot of research online, multiple emails and phone calls with Josiah and a site visit where Summer sat down with me and showed me around where I would be sending my sweet puppy for 8 weeks. There were two big factors that made me chose Neuman. The first was the clear focus and structure of the training with a proven methodology that they were very candid about. The second was my time spent with Summer on my visit. She showed me around the facility, where the dogs were kenneled, the play area, the training grounds (indoor and outdoor) and then shared with me the e-collar and what the dogs experience. They were patient with my questions and incredibly transparent about the experience, so I knew going in that it would be a good thing for Sophie.

Dropping her off was incredibly tough. There is an overview of what happens for 30 minutes and then you say goodbye. It was very hard for me to say goodbye. But then 2 days later I had the first update from Mya and the video course to do as homework. The weekly updates from Mya were great, and she was incredibly responsive with questions and candid about Sophie's progress including where she was doing well (Socialization) and where she was struggling a bit (staying calm). They provided 8 or so pictures a week, so I could see how my puppy was growing and doing in the training.

A few days before pick up they share the graduation video. Even though I've seen at least 50 other dogs' videos, I still was so excited to see Sophie's. When I came to pick her up, there was a 1.5 hour session talking through understanding my dog's progress and sharing some key issues including her normal correction level, using the e-collar and ability to regulate water. After the presentation, Joe brought her out and I was so impressed that she was able to curb her jumping impulse. Joe, Jenna and Summer worked with us on site that day and helped me to see how Sophie should behave and how to use the equipment. This time for me was incredibly valuable as my puppy knew what to do, I was the one that needed training! (Side note - if you are worried your dog will forget you - which I was concerned about - she didn't forget me at all!)

After we came home, it wasn't perfect and Neuman was super clear that would be the case. I needed to re-establish our relationship and that the rules she learned at camp were still in force at home. And she had it tough when we came home. We live in an apartment and encounter 5-10 dogs on an average walk. But Neuman gave me the tools to work through all of the distractions she would encounter. And I will tell you I'm regularly complimented on her good behavior on our walks. We still have some corrections, but we don't have pulling issues and I enjoy the safety and fun we can now have together. The training hasn't stopped, it is just integrated into our lives.

And last thing, we weren't able to make the follow up training session and had Summer come out to work with us in downtown Minneapolis. I cannot tell you how valuable having her in our environment was. She answered all of my questions and helped us work through areas where we had more issues with distractions and excitement.

I know this was a long review, but I was looking for something like this when I researched. I highly recommend reaching out to Neuman to have a conversation with Josiah prior to making a decision. He isn't going to hard sell you, he's going to tell you exactly what they can do and what they don't do. That transparency is refreshing and I appreciate it so much.

Thank you to the entire Neuman K9 team!



German Shepherd Dog
Owner's Name: Jennifer Lorence
Dog's Name: Flynn / German Shepherd Dog

My dog Flynn was difficult to control on a leash, would bark and act aggressively towards other dogs, and was almost impossible to control. He had "passed" several other obedience schools with little to no change in behavior. Being at my wit's end, I contacted Josiah at Neumann K-9 academy and we talked about my goals for Flynn and realistic expectations upon boot camp completion.
After the 12 week course, Flynn is amazing. He's the same lovable pup with the same personality, but he behaves in ways I didn't think possible. He is a pleasure to walk now, with no pulling or tugging. He can walk past other dogs now without throwing a fit. His ability to follow commands is remarkable, even in the presence of intense distraction. He was in the backyard staring at a deer and I called him to me and HE CAME!! He loves running after deer, but with his training, he likes being put to task more.
Josiah, Summer, Mya, and everyone at Neuman's are the most patient, capable, and compassionate dog trainers you will find anywhere. I can't recommend them enough. They have given me the joy of dog ownership back, and you can't put a price on that, so I consider their cost to be money fantastically well spent.



JJ (Beagle mix)
Owner's Name: Heidi Hamilton
Dog's Name: JJ

We had an excellent experience with Neuman K-9 Academy. Our 16 month old Beagle/Labrador, JJ, attended the eight week bootcamp.
We adopted JJ at 7 months old and found him to be very excitable/reactive, especially with squirrels, rabbits, and other dogs, and he was overly boisterous when interacting with other dogs. We tried structured, instructor-led obedience training for months on our own and were not making progress as quickly as we wanted to, and JJ’s performance was very dependent on treats. In the house, JJ would harass our senior basset hound, tear apart the furniture, and could only be controlled around other dogs and squirrels by using treats to distract him (and that was not always successful). We decided to try Neuman K-9 Acadmey based on the recommendation of a friend who had enrolled their Wheaten Terrier to the 8 week bootcamp.
JJ has returned home transformed in a very positive way. He is still happy and sweet, and now he is more relaxed and mellow around the house. We learned how to prevent him from pestering the other dog and tear apart the furniture. With some coaching, he can heel past squirrels and other dogs, which is remarkable. The handler-training provided us the knowledge we need to successfully maintain and build upon the discipline he received from boot camp.
We were very impressed with the knowledge and skill of all the trainers at Neuman’s and will definitely bring future new dogs there to make them well-behaved members of our home.



Oliver (Goldendoodle)
Owner's Name: Joy Smith
Dog's Name: Lovie / German Shepherd Dog

Updated review:
It's been about four years since Lovie left Neuman K-9. Tonight I took him and Lucy down to a concert at a local park. There had to have been over 1,000 people there and 100 dogs-it was crazy! Kids playing, bubbles in the air, loud music, balls, ballooons---you name it. I had to go and throw something in the trash and my daughter wasn't in the mood to listen. I asked Lovie to "down and stay" and told my daughter to hold him. I walked away to find the nearest trash can-about 25 yards away. I thought my decision was going to be disastrous. When I turned around to head back, I saw Lovie still in the down/stay position, with Lucy and a few other kids that decided to love up on him. As we were leaving for the night, I couldn't manage holding him, packing up our stuff while trying to convince my 5yo it was time to go. I had to down/stay him again and drop the leash. He did what I asked, even with kids, dogs, and soccer balls flying past him. Such a good boy!

There isn't a day that goes by that we take him somewhere that I don't think about you guys and feel so grateful for his training. Best investment I ever made 😘❤️! Truly priceless!!



Oliver (Goldendoodle)
Owner's Name: Nancee & Tom Bruggeman / North Oaks, MN
Dog's Name: Oliver / Goldendoodle

Our doodle went to boot camps 1 and 2 last year. As hard as it was to leave him, Josiah insisted that because he was no longer a puppy, it would take a while to break old habits. Oliver, our doodle, would jump on people in our home. I told them to ignore him but they replied it was like ignoring a Mac truck! He would pull on his leash on our walks and go crazy when he would see other dogs. After two months of bootcamp, we picked up a much better behaved dog who could walk at a heel, sit, stay and so much more. When people come to visit, I can "place" him and he waits perfectly until I "free" him.

Oliver went back to boot camp 3 in February 2017 and this training has been the icing on the cake! He now walks at heel without a leash, makes perfect eye contact and is a pleasure to take anywhere. Josiah, Summer and his team did a great job. I continue to talk to them if I have any questions and board him there when we go on trips. I highly recommend K9 Academy!

-Nancee and Tom Bruggeman


Boji (Labrador Retriever)
Owner's Name: Michelle & John Kallas / Minnetonka, MN
Dog's Name: Boji / Labrador Retriever

We brought our year-old lab to Neuman K-9 Academy in September for an 8-week stay at boot camp. The transformation was incredible! The whole process made us feel as though Boji were in the best possible hands while he was gone. The good care started within minutes of me sending in Boji's questionnaire before he even went to camp! There was resource guarding issue that I mentioned that prompted Josiah call my husband and me to start working on immediately with common sense guidance.

The weekly updates with photos not only made us confident that he was learning things we could have NEVER taught him, but also made us feel that he was being very well cared for. His graduation video was more than we could have hoped for. Amazing! Kudos to Josiah, Summer, Joe and the whole team. They really know their stuff.

We will be boarding Boji at Neuman's from now on. It's worth the drive for the attention he'll get and the refresher training. Way to go, Neuman K-9 Academy! We are lucky to have you in the area!



Lulu (Goldendoodle)
Owner's Name: Michele Warner-Shah / Chaska, MN
Dog's Name: Lulu / Goldendoodle (mini)

We sent our 3 1/2 month old mini golden doodle puppy through the Boot Camp II program, picking her up a little over a month ago. I will say it was a difficult decision to send her to the program... 2 months away and quite a large investment. However, we had tried a 'positive reinforcement only' training class and had worked with her extensively at home on training to very limited success. She knew many of the basic commands, but would only listen when she wanted to and often was quite a terror in the house and with our 3 children.

Having heard positive feedback through a friend about the program, and feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with our own lack of success, we decided to make the commitment to invest in the program. I can say that we have not second guessed our decision since. Our adorable, but terribly misbehaved puppy is now the perfect canine companion... at only 6 months old. No more running in the house, nipping/biting everyone who dared get close, being a nightmare on a leash, and generally disregarding anything we asked of her (unless, of course, we had a treat in hand). Now she heels beautifully, will go to her bed and wait there when we put her in her 'place', comes when called, and obeys when you ask her to 'sit', 'down', 'leave it', go to her 'kennel', 'wait' at doorways or before being released from her kennel, or 'stay'. We continue to reinforce her distraction proofing... always a challenge for any curious puppy, and she is doing very well.

She is happy because we are not constantly scolding her for misbehaving or not listening and she gets to go many places with us since she is so well behaved in public. We are happy because we can take her places without worrying about her behavior, and we feel she can be trusted now with our children and knows the rules of the house so she isn't always trying to test and/or break them. It was an investment towards the next 10-12 years that we will have with her, and given how things have gone since she returned home, we all feel it was worth it.



Daisy Mae and owner Charlie
Owner's Name: Charlie & Nancy Schult / Cottage Grove, MN
Dog's Name: Daisy Mae / Blue Tick Coon Hound

Daisy Mae spent 8 weeks at the Neuman K-9 Academy participating in their Boot Camp training program. She is a very high energy dog who was difficult to control and would not follow commands. Our family was so impressed with their staff and facility right from the start. We appreciated the fact she got treadmill training to help with her abundant energy, had outings to build on her social behavior in public and daily times to interact and play with the other dogs.

We received training ourselves to know how to reinforce the training and new behaviors learned. We feel much more confident in dealing with challenging behaviors she may exhibit. We are exceptionally satisfied with the training she received and life with Daisy Mae is much less stressful. We love our newly well behaved dog who listens to our commands. She is so delightful to be around. We no longer have to worry that the door bell ringing will put her in a uncontrolled barking frenzy and jumping up at the door. She now knows she must go to her place and lay down. She is able to greet our visitor when we release her from our command. She then is calmer and quiet when greeting others. We think the value in what we received with her training was well worth every penny spent.

We missed her a great deal, but we received weekly updates and pictures of Daisy Mae's progress and training. Trying to arrange to attend training when your work schedule is variable is impossible and sending her to training was the easiest for us. We think there is great value in doing the training as an 8 week boarder. The positives were that she received multiple training sessions in a day and everyone who trained and cared for her could reinforce the training . I really feel this is effective in eliminating negative behaviors and the reinforcement of positive behaviors.

We also have used the Academy since her graduation for boarding. We even used the service where they come to our house to pick her up for her boarding session. This service was so valuable when we have had time constraints in our travel or are traveling to a destination that is out of our way to bring her there. You know she was treated well at Boot Camp because when she saw Summer, who was one of her trainers who picked her up, she was very excited to see her. She jumped right into the kennel in her vehicle and was eager to go with her. While boarding we have opted for the refresher training sessions, treadmill sessions, and grooming. We know she is receiving exceptional care and her training is being reinforced.

We highly recommend the Neuman K-9 Academy to anyone who is looking for their dog to be trained or are frustrated with their dog's behaviors. We would definitely use them again if we ever got another dog. We are so thankful of everything they have done for us.

-Nancy Schult


Whitney & her dog Ezra
Owner's Name: Whitney Thompson / Rochester, MN
Dog's Name: Ezra

My dog Ezra attended Neuman K-9 Academy's 8-week Boot Camp Level II. To say that I have been pleased with the results is an understatement. I wasn't sure that anything would work for Ezra as he had many "quirks" that stemmed from abuse before I had rescued him.

Since returning from Neuman Academy, Ezra is not only extremely obedient and demonstrates mastery of all the promised skills, but he is even a much happier dog as well. The training has taught him not to be so fearful of and reactive toward external stimuli, and instead focus on a given command. His training has truly resulted in an even stronger bond between us and has provided me with peace of mind when I take him into unfamiliar situations. The best part about Ezra's training at the Academy, though, is that the training did not end when his 8 weeks were up. Josiah and Summer have promptly and effectively answered all questions I've had regarding Ezra since training, helping me to correct something before it becomes an issue. I know the "training" that I as an owner have received from them is invaluable and will benefit all future dogs I have as well.

There are very few people I trust with Ezra, and Neuman Academy is the only place I feel comfortable boarding him when I travel. In fact, he's headed back there tomorrow for a week!


Bentley & Charlie Reisdorf
Owner's Name: Margaret Reisdorf / Grant, MN
Dog's Name: Bentley & Charlie / Goldendoodles

Both of our dogs, Charlie (age 3) and Bentley (20 months) at the time of training, attended K-9 Academy in the Fall of 2015. We have been thoroughly happy with the training they received. Specifically, Charlie attended an 8 week session and Bentley a 4 week session. Prior to Neuman Academy, both of our dogs had participated and passed several levels of obedience training but some bad habits persisted: Jumping up, Leash aggression (on occasion) towards other dogs (mainly Charlie), pulling on leash during walks.

After the training the dogs really learned all of the commands-- by hand gesture alone and by voice command needed you want for a well behaved dog---sit, come, stay, leave it, heel, off, wait, down. Consequently there is no confusion about what you are asking your dog and they get conditioned to focus on you--less distraction--and better cooperation results. We like to take our dogs everywhere with us and having this kind of training is a huge relief--much less concern about misbehavior and you and the dog know what is expected. If you have a dog like Charlie--who is great and wonderful with people but a little willful (and a bit too smart for his own good) I really recommend the 8 week training. Charlie was able to receive lots of good off leash training and interaction with other dogs--we can take him cross country skiing off leash on our property now and not worry he will run off. As to his on-leash aggression with other dogs--he still wants to be "top dog" but on leash now he is focused on me (or whichever human is walking him) and largely ignores other dogs.

We missed our dogs during their training times but the work they do each day every day really solidifies the training. We feel so blessed to have our pups and have them trained so well that they can be with us wherever we go and behave well. Josiah and Summer run a great program--if you have questions/concerns about your dog and any specific needs the dog may have they will talk to you honestly and directly. Lastly another benefit is the opportunity for boarding and after training follow up--we have not needed those services yet but we are very glad for that as well.


Indy - Doberman Pinscher
Owner's Name: Tory & Katy / Eden Prairie, MN
Dog's Name: Indy / Doberman Pinscher

Our 1.5 year old Doberman, Indy, started to show signs of aggression towards other dogs and people. This behavior was stressful for us and Indy. We knew we needed to find help. We called Josiah at Neuman K-9 Academy and we instantly felt like he could help us. We decided on the 8 week boot camp, level 2 training. I was very nervous about Indy being gone for 8 weeks and how that would affect him, but Josiah answered all of our questions and made us feel comfortable with our decision.

When we picked Indy up after his Boot Camp graduation, we were amazed at what he had learned. He is now more manageable at home and is comfortable being around other dogs and people. I was worried that his training would change his personality, but none of that changed!

Josiah and his team helped us in so many ways and they continue to be a resource for us whenever we need them!


Libby - German Shepherd Therapy Dog
Owner's Name: Leslie Maze / White Bear Lake, MN
Dog's Name: Libby / German Shepherd Dog

I was so excited to get my Rin Tin Tin German Sheperd legacy puppy almost 2 years ago. My children are grown and my husband died a few years ago plus I recently retired as a high school dean and counselor. So, my goal was to have a therapy dog and visit hospitals. Currently, I have an older golden retriever. Enter the puppy from hell!!!!!!!!! Here shorten name is Libby and as she grew & I tried to attend obedience classes, she had a mind of her own and lots of anxiety. I was consistent and loving with rules of the house. But, when I left her at another kennel while I was out of town, she destroyed it. The kennel took pictures and said she wasn't welcome back. I was crushed and I was thinking she wasn't welcome back into my house either. Libby had separation anxiety that was out of control. Something had to change before I gave her up.

I heard of Neuman K-9 Academy through a neighbor and after talking with Josiah, I wanted to sign up for the first available open for training in the Boot Camp program. Josiah told me about the program which was an organized routine that took the dog through obedience training with positive reinforcement. I dropped Libby off at Neuman K-9 and was extremely pleased with the new, clean facility and fantastic people. All of the dogs in that session were in their own kennel not making a sound when Libby entered. This was for me and Libby! Not only was there a weekly email describing Libby's goals for the week but also pictures with Libby and the trainer. I could quickly see how happy Libby was to be working and having a challenge. She even went to a park and down a slide the first week. I signed up for Boot Camp through Level III where each level has its goals. By the end of the first level she was able to stay and wait to be released, heel without pulling, ignore distractions and many more commands.

After 3 months, I picked her up. Summer was with Libby in the arena, which is beautiful, while Summer was putting her through her paces. Libby noticed me but did not bolt over but calmly walked over and was then released. When I brought Libby home it was a turn around in behavior especially with my golden retriever. I just said 'settle' or 'leave it' ,'stay' and she was wonderful. All I can think of is a light switch turn-a-round with behavior and happiness. I am continuing with German Sheperd obedience class so I can learn the correct technique to work with her. I had a private lesson with Summer, who is amazing, and got other tips ton how best to make my signals clear to Libby. Also, I now use Neuman K-9 for boarding where I can add refresher class and or exercise for the day. Libby is very happy and so am I. This was the best decision I have ever made. And, hopefully, in June, we will pass her therapy dog exam. Leslie Maze - now, a pro

Note: July of 2015 Libby certified as a Therapy Dog.


Owner's Name: Amelia D. / Eau Claire, WI
Dog's Name: Murphy / Labradoodle

We were desperate for help with our 9 month old Australian Labordoodle puppy, Murphy. He was a handful and was causing a lot of stress in our home of four children. Murphy had no manners and we needed some intervention.

We called Josiah in desperation. We decided on The 8 week boot camp, level 2 training. This was the best decision and best money we ever spent. Murphy returned as a well mannered dog yet maintaining his playful personality. Josiah trained him with simple commands the entire family could carry out.

Josiah has become our "go to" person for behavior advice and K9 Academy is a fun productive place to board Murphy when we leave town. We are forever grateful to Josiah and his staff for cultivating a wonderful, well behaved dog that everyone we meet comments on his good manners.

Amelia --


Shiba Inu Dexter
Owner's Name: Danica Baron / Alameda, CA
Dog's Name: Dexter / Shiba Inu

Josiah and Summer are wonderful, professional, patient and incredibly knowledgeable. They helped my family source a beautiful Shiba Inu dog and then took over the training for a few months while he was still a puppy.

Dexter (the Shiba Inu) is easily one of the best dogs (and best trained dog) I have ever encountered. I get constant compliments about how well behaved he is. This is one of the BEST investments I have ever done.

We loved the weekly pictures and updates and when we arrived in MN to pick up Dexter, Josiah and Summer spent numerous hours with me and my daughter reviewing the commands to ensure that the training continued smoothly at home.

My only complaint is that they don't live in California. :-)

Hope to see you guys again soon :-))

Danica --


Siberian Husky Malto
Owner's Name: Jessica & Jared G. / Manvel, ND
Dog's Name: Malto / Siberian Husky

Wow. I referred to my dog as "my devil baby" until he went to Neuman K-9 academy. Since we have had him home, he has been such a joy to be around. He listens to commands and is such a gentleman. We had kids over last night and he stayed in his place while they interacted with him… that is something we have never been able to do before.

All of our future dogs will be going to Newman K-9 academy.

Jessica, Jared, Malto --


German Shepherd Sota
Owner's Name: Lindsay & Brent Prochnow / Plymouth, MN
Dog's Name: Sota / German Shepherd Dog

My wife and I cannot say enough good things about Josiah, Summer and the entire staff at Neuman K-9 Academy!

Our German Shepherd Sota was out of control and aggressive toward other dogs at the dog park when we decided to send him to boot camp at Neuman. Ever since he attended their boot camp he is great around other dogs, our 1 year old daughter and all of my young nieces and nephews.

They are also the only place I can think of that will pick up and drop off your dog for boarding. They treat Sota fantastic and he loves going back to Neuman for boarding as he gets refresher training and plays with other well trained dogs. As soon as they come to pick him up he greets the staff with excitement and doesn't even look back.

I highly recommend you send your dog to Neuman K-9 Academy. You will not regret it.

Brent --


Owner's Name: Julie Pfeiffer & David Wandling / Wayzata, MN
Dog's Name: Nala

Josiah and Summer are lifesavers! We brought our puppy Nala to them for the first time when she about 6 months old. Nala was a complete handful for us. She wouldn't listen, she was jumping up on people, chewing everything in sight, and not obeying us at all.

After one month with Josiah and Summer, she was a changed dog!!! They provided us weekly updates and pictures which was great! When we picked her up, we couldn't believe the transformation. She is such a joy now! Nala has been back for a second boot camp as well as many weekend visits when we are out of town. Nala loves Josiah and Summer!!! When we tell her she is going to see Josiah and Summer, she gets totally excited and is thrilled to see them! Josiah and Summer have been such a blessing a for us!

I would recommend them to anyone who needs training or boarding for their dog. They are simply AWESOME!!!

Julie --


Macee (Labrador Retriever
Name: Kathy Arendt
Dog's Name: Macee / Labrador Retriever

My dog Macee graduated from Boot Camp Level 1 in April 2013. She was 10 months old when I enrolled her. They completely transformed her from an unruly puppy to a lovely, well-behaved dog! She is a joy to live with. Leash walks are easy now.

This week on Christmas Eve she visited people at the seniors' home, wearing her jingle bells and sitting nicely so they could pet her. She waited patiently at the cafe entrance while I went in to buy coffee. Strangers were passing by but she stayed focused on me. With my busy work schedule, there is no way I could have done this myself. I don't have the skills or patience either.

Bringing Macee to Boot Camp was an investment in our happy life together. I highly recommend Neuman K-9 Academy for training and boarding.

Kathy Arendt


Lovie the German Shepherd
Name: Joy Smith
Dog's Name: Lovie / German Shepherd Dog

When I dropped Lovie off, I wrote on FB that I was nervous, but after stepping foot on 'campus', my nerves went away the minute I experienced the clean, safe, and happy environment that Lovie would be in. Summer's smile put me at ease and Josiah answered every one of my 100 questions. Over the course of Lovie's eight week stay, I looked forward to Josiah's very detailed updates full of pictures. The weeks past, and updates came and one thing I noticed in the pictures...not only was my dog happy and his training advancing, but I also noticed the smiles on Summer and Josiah's faces. These are two trainers that love their jobs! The week leading up to our reunion I bombarded Josiah with emails concerning our travel plans and the famous MN winter weather. Josiah and Summer worked with us and we were able to pick up Lovie and get back on the road before the weather set in. After we made it back home, Lovie picked up right where he left off, our daughters BFF, my constant companion, our family dog, but better!

The team at Neuman K9 didn't just teach Lovie obedience...they gave him Life Skills. Josiah reminded me that Lovie is still a puppy (6mo), and he is going to test boundaries...the only person in our home testing boundaries is my two-year old toddler-not Lovie, he is definitely doing his job and making NK9 proud! Visiting with Josiah after two days on my own was a real treat. I was able to touch base on a few training questions that I was unsure about {training for me}. I think that when you find a professional that makes you think, "I want to be their friend" - means you have hit the {JACKPOT}! That is how I feel about Neuman K9 - I plan to send Lovie back to camp to finish his Boot Camp III... and every other dog we have...they will be going too!

Joy Smith


Angeles Jack
Name: Robert Davis
Dog's Name: Jack and Angeles / German Shepherd Dogs

I spent a lot of time (almost 3 years) reviewing and searching for the right trainer(s) for my dog. Training is an investment and I wanted to know that I picked the right person(s) that I could trust would properly train my dog and then I could learn and follow through when my GSD returned to me. During this time I contacted Josiah several times with different questions about the boot camp program and his method of training. He was professional, answered my questions and never tried to push a sale to get me to sign up. He gave me the room I needed to make an informed decision. I also called other trainers and even tried a once a week training with a different group of folks (they used the gentle leaders) and I was not impressed with the training method used. So I quit after 2 weeks and continued looking but I kept coming back to Neuman's website. I watched the videos and looked at the photos. I read the testimonials and then began saving up the money.

During this time I initially had one German shepherd that needed training. However, in November 2010 I rescued a highly abused, shut-down shepherd (whom I named Jack) who also suffered from seizures; he was home bound and suffered with social phobia too. After rescuing Jack I put the idea of training on hold, spending much of the saved up training money to tend to Jack??s medical needs and to bring Jack out of his shell and build trust with him. After a personal tragedy this year, I knew it was time to make the decision to reach out to Josiah (as Neuman K-9 was my top selection - they were my only selection to be honest). I explained Jack's situation and we went over his medical history. He and his team agreed they would try to help Jack, realizing that due to his seizures, he mental state might present a challenge but they were up for it. I appreciated the honest conversation with Josiah and Summer. Going into the training, Jack would never walk on a leash, he ran from them. He only felt safe in the house or the back yard. I took Jack and my other Shepherd (Angeles - pronounced Angelus) and got them settled in, reviewing the training plan, etc. and left them in very skilled, trustworthy hands. Each week Josiah sent me status reports on both my dogs along with pictures. The very first week I cried. Jack was on a leash, outside and getting used to obstacles (like climbing up wooden boards, up into playground houses and down slides). Josiah and team began to build his confidence and strengthen his spirit. Angeles was easy. No medical issues and he is a 'go with the flow' dog (although he can be strong headed - as he likes to push his weight around).

As each week progressed there was more progress. Sometimes small and other times major breakthroughs; treadmill training for example being Jack's favorite past time! I don't even have to use a leash on the treadmill with him at home. I just hold his loose collar and he runs! At the end of the training (8 weeks), I performed handler training with my dogs. Angeles did very well, no surprise there, great trainer and great DNA in my dog! With Jack, my goal of being able to have him walk next to me on a leash was achieved. He did every command just right. Angeles had to have a few corrections as he was excited to see me and just wanted to go home! But I did as Josiah and Summer said, we take our time and let Angeles know you are in control, the leader that lets him know when it is time to go and not the other way around. Today, Jack walks wherever I want to take him. And getting him to walk with my other dogs (I have 3 total) is a breeze. He enjoys his time out in public now. His confidence is built up and I continue working with him as Josiah and Summer told me to as part of the after boot camp home training. The week of July 8 I took the dogs to St Anthony Main (in Minneapolis) by the river. We moved slow, medium and fast, they kept in stride. We moved in and around people, they didn't miss a step. And when a little dog came near I had the dogs sitting and they left the little barker alone. I even got an "I'm impressed!" from the owner. When we sat down on one of the benches, Jack just turned around and gave me a BIG smile! I could see he was happy. He felt safe and his spirit was improved.

I'm very proud of the investment made in my dogs and very confident in the teaching methods of Josiah and his team. I know I chose the right people because it shows. My objectives were met. They worked hard with my dogs and I highly recommend anyone searching for the right place. Neuman K-9 is that place.

Robert Davis



Bailey and Boogie Hagen
Name: Marissa Hagen
Dog's Name: Bailey / German Shepherd Dog

NeumanK9 Academy I can't say enough great things! The results are there and the proof follows the dog home! A happy dog is a trained dog and a safe dog is a obedient dog!! I wanted both and with the excellent training skills of Josiah, Summer and their crew I got the results I needed! They are up front honest with you, keep you posted on progress reports. It was hard to be away from my Dog Bailey for a month but knowing she was at Neuman K-9 Academy was very comforting knowing she was learning! She is more confident, more obedient, more respected in public than she was before! Each day we practice and work on the skills learned for it is now the handlers responsibility to carry through the foundation work Josiah and Summer set within the dog!

I recommend Neuman K-9 Academy to anyone!!! Will be a life long customer to come!

Marissa & Bailey pup



Bella Dillon - Doberman Pinscher
Name: Eamon Dillon
Dog's Name: Bella / Doberman Pinscher

When my fiance and I brought Bella, a wonderful Doberman puppy into our household, we were a little naive to think that we could complete all the training necessary to give Bella a fulfilled life. Although we tried, Bella being such a powerful dog in both mind and body, required a true professional.

After Bella started displaying some fearful aggression towards strangers, we both had that sinking feeling like we were loosing control of our dog. Not having the correct tools and training to keep Bella calm was truly an awful feeling. Living scared of sending her out in the yard, taking her on walks, and bringing strangers to the house was no way for us to live.

It was at that point that we found Neuman K-9 online. Being young professionals, we were concerned about the price and length of the program (Boot Camp II). However, all of those feelings changed IMMEDIATELY upon meeting with Josiah and Summer, seeing the graduates and talking through the program with them.

They are both consummate professionals and the service they provide is incredible. Although sending Bella for 8 weeks seemed like an eternity, getting the weekly updates about her progress, gave us something to look forward to each week. When Bella came back to us she was truly transformed. Not only was she extremely well trained and behaved but the training restored our confidence as handlers. You need not worry about your dog becoming a "robot", Bella still has the wonderful personality that we sent her with. However, she now knows how to handle even the most trying situations with a calm, confidence. Josiah, Summer and the rest of the Neuman K-9 team truly changed our lives for the better.

Bottom line....If you're having any issues with your dog and think that professional training is something you'd consider, call Neuman K-9. They are worth EVERY PENNY!



Langston Mertz
Name: Katie Mertz
Dog's Name: Langston

I couldn't have been more impressed with Neuman K9 Academy. Josiah and Summer, the trainers/handlers, really know their stuff. I have a 10-month old Lab/Husky mix, Langston, who is very energetic and playful. A month ago, he was completely self-interested and sometimes difficult to control. Multiple 8-week one-hour training sessions just weren't doing it for us... he was still walking me (rather than the other way around), jumping up on guests, eating everything imaginable, and generally ignoring me.

I decided to try the 4-week Boot Camp I at Neuman K9 Academy, and the results are unbelievable. I have to say I was suspicious that all the reviews on //insiderpages.com were so amazing, but I completely understand why! Josiah and Summer have it DOWN. I felt great leaving Langston with them - they're organized, clear, and super friendly. Langston is now a pleasure to walk with and be with, and even though he's still a friendly, excitable puppy, he has learned to contain his energy and obey commands.

Josiah and Summer do a great job and upon graduation, spent considerable time with me to go over all the commands and make sure I was comfortable handling my dog. It takes time and practice to enforce the same behavior back on my own turf, but Josiah and Summer made sure I was set up for success, just like Langston was. On top of that, I can go back for two free sessions with them any time in the future. The price point seems high at first, but this was really an investment that Langston and I will reap the rewards of for his entire lifetime.

It's completely worth it. We couldn't be happier!! Thank you Josiah and Summer!!

(I highly recommend their website; it's super informative)


Sacha Snow
Name: Cay Snow
Dog's Name: Sacha / White German Shepherd

Despite having two rescued greyhounds, I know nothing about dog training, which became very apparent after we added a White German Shepherd puppy to our "pack." Sacha was 13 weeks old when he arrived from Chicago to our home near San Francisco. He was terrified and shy. We thought he would adjust after a few days, but his shyness turned into strange behavior and as he grew we realized we could end up with a large, fearful GSD. Scared that the situation was becoming unmanageable, we turned to a highly acclaimed local dog trainer but despite our best efforts, Sacha's behavior continued to spiral downward. At our wits end, we decided to ship Sacha to Josiah Neuman and Summer Duggan from Neuman K-9 Academy in Minnesota. It was a huge leap of faith and many people thought we were crazy to ship him to a training facility we had never seen.

Twelve long weeks later, Sacha returned accompanied by Josiah and if I didn't know my dog, I would swear he was a stunt double. Sacha is a completely different dog.

He's full of confidence, well-mannered, and a pleasure to be around. He's still on the shy side, but now people can actually pet him and we can bring him out in public without him cowering behind us.

Thanks to Josiah and Summer we finally have the dog we were hoping for. They are nothing short of miracle workers and I cannot recommend them enough.

If you're on the fence, take a leap of faith like we did. Neuman K-9 Academy was worth every penny and you will not be disappointed.

Koda Engstrom
Name: Kristen Engstrom
Dog's Name: Koda / German Shepherd Dog

We brought our 2 year old German Shepherd named Koda to Josiah after we noticed he was starting to become reactive with other dogs and lacked discipline. Koda was always very good inside the home, but around new places, people, and dogs he became very anxious and distracted and often fearful. I contacted Josiah and he had a consult with me on the phone to determine which program was best for our dog. Koda started Boot camp II in May of 2011. Josiah gave us weekly updates with pictures and answered our many questions throughout Koda's time at boot camp. We now have Koda back home and I can't believe this is the same dog. Koda has his same personality but now with so much more confidence, trust, and discipline. We are able to introduce new people/dogs/ and places to him while keeping him calm and focused. Koda is so happy and we can tell he's so much more relaxed now that he knows what he's supposed to be doing.

Thank you to both Josiah, Summer and the staff at Neuman K9 for not only caring and training Koda but training us too! Fantastic Boot camp-- I will recommend Neuman K-9 Academy again and again!

--Ryan and Kristen


Cherry Koski
Name: Angel Koski
Dog's Name: Cherry / Labrador Retriever

We brought Cherry Love, an energetic lab puppy to Josiah and Summer for four week boot camp. Twice called "a whole lot of dog", Cherry came home with all of her personality intact but also able to follow commands and function within the family as a confident, obedient puppy. Absolutely worth the investment. We plan on another round of "off leash" when she's a bit older. Our vet complimented her as being one of the best mannered lab puppies he's seen in over 35 years.

Training helped with overall family dynamic - even the kids can walk the dog and give commands with success. Most important: you can trust Josiah and Summer as handlers.


Shadow - Family photo
Name: Denise Landsteiner / Paynesville, MN
Dog's Name: Shadow

I just returned from Shadow's yearly vet appointment. I can not tell you what a difference this years appointment was from last year! Shadow graduated from Boot Camp in June 2010. Last year the vet appointment was in March so he had not been at your facility yet. That appointment was pretty much a nightmare as I had no way to get his attention and calm him. This year he was still nervous and anxious at that is his personality but his focus was on me and my commands. I just wanted to let you know what wonderful work you are doing and how much we appreciate the difference we see in our dog. The appointment today was a breeze. Even the vet commented on how well Shadow was listening. I made sure to tell him that Shadow is a graduate of the Neuman K-9 academy.

Thanks again,

Denise and Shadow


Leo - Border Terrier Boot Camp Dog Training
Name: Aris Assimacopoulos / Sioux Falls, SD
Dog's Name: Leo

We were extremely happy with the training provided by Neuman K-9 Academy. Our dog is a pleasure to be around now and really listens. We did the 8 week course and it was worth every penny. Not only did our dog learn the commands, he just got a lot more polite in general. He leaves things alone now when we tell him. I will bring him back for the board and train if I leave on an extended vacation. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Also, Josiah really provides great updates about how the dog is doing and has provided great follow up for questions that we had after we brought our dog home.


Pepper - Boot Camp Dog Training Testimonial
Name: Stefanie Moss / Saint Paul, MN
Dog's Name: Pepper

Josiah and Summer are nothing less than remarkable. They took my sweet but very shy, fearful 9-month-old German Shepherd mixed puppy and transformed her into a functioning dog. She no longer needs to be dragged from the house to take her on a walk. She walks beautifully on a loose leash and is no longer scared to leave the house. During car rides she would drool uncontrollably but this too has improved to where she can now travel with us.

She is now a confident, well-behaved sweet dog. I could not be more pleased.


Psammy - Boot Camp Dog Training Testimonial
Name: B. Haugen & C. Horowitz / Plymouth, MN
Dog's Name: Psammy

Our dogs are beloved family members, so when we finally acknowledged that our 3-year-old foxhound was unmanageable and wasn't settling down with age, we scouted for the best training experience we could find. Josiah and crew are it.

Our little guy went to Neuman's a total maniac and came back a civilized version of himself. He still has his high energy and foxhound exuberance, but he can control himself now. He can sit and stay. He can heel and not drag us along when he spots another dog on the walking path. He can go to his "place" when asked, and stay until we say "OK." What a relief for us--and I think for him too. I was truly nervous to send this guy away for eight weeks, but he came back happy, healthy--and trained!

You'd almost have to know this dog to see what a near-miracle this is. We are happy and grateful to the Neuman K-9 Academy for their great work with our little fella.


Milo - Boot Camp Dog Training Testimonial
Name: Beth & William Dworsky / Minnetonka, MN
Dog's Name: Milo

Josiah and his staff should be very proud of providing many families with an incredible training program at such a well maintained facility for our dogs.

We brought our Doberman Pinscher to Neuman K9 Academy in hopes that Josiah could help with Milo's disobedience. After 2 months of Boot Camp, Josiah returned Milo to us a more beautiful, playful, peaceful, and well controlled addition to our family. We receive numerous compliments on our walks about Milo's good behavior and manners. Milo even impresses those fear full of Dobermans with his control and attention to our commands. The outings are no longer laborious and frustrating but pleasurable and easy.

Our anxieties of dropping Milo for 2 months quickly disappeared when we saw Josiah waiting for us on his meticulously well maintained property. His calm demeanor and obvious knowledge and concern allowed us to leave with confidence. The weekly reviews and pictures made us feel part of the processes and the time passed quickly.

The training Milo received far surpasses anything we could have done locally and on our own. Now that Milo is home our calls to Josiah with questions are always welcomed.

We are truly grateful to everyone at Neuman K9 Academy for giving us this wonderful gift, MILO!!


Vladimir - Boot Camp Dog Training Graduate
Name: Craig Hendrickson / Hopkins, MN
Dog's Name: Vladimir

My wife and I brought our 9 month old German Shepherd to the Neuman K-9 Academy and we were blown away with the changes to our dog. Vladimir went with the basic training skills we had acquired through other obedience classes and Josiah, Summer and their staff took him to a whole new level. We had Vladimir in the two month boot camp course and when we picked him up he was perfectly trained in heeling, down stays, sitting, etc. It was a struggle to get Vladimir to walk down the street without continuously stopping before the training. After the training I could take him running outside with minimal distractions.

We highly recommend the Neuman K-9 Academy for all training needs.

Craig and Karen


Rex - Boot Camp graduate
Name: Lisa Leverson / New Prague, MN
Dog's Name: Rex

Many thanks to Josiah at Neuman K-9 Academy for not only training Rex, our 1-year-old Airedale Terrier, but also training and informing us regarding dog behavior. Understanding the behaviors is such an important aspect of working together with your dog. Rex and I went through 2 obedience classes and dropped out of the second one due to frustration and the lack of making any headway. He didn't seem a part of the family, as we lacked control of him and kept him outside most of the time or in his crate when we had company. I'm so glad we found Neuman K-9 Academy at that point!

The day we arrived Rex was pulling me into the academy on his leash. Josiah told me to remember this and compare what he's like when we pick him up. After 8 weeks in Boot Camp II, Rex was a completely different dog! Being able to take him on a walk without him pulling on the leash was such a pleasure. There have been a few instances which I've been so thankful he had the training. We had some bags of mulch setting out in the lawn, and Rex found them. He tore into them, and as soon as I noticed, I gave him the "down" command. I was probably 30 feet away at the time, and he instantly went down. Another instance was when we were visiting my mother. She had dropped a pill and didn't realize it. Rex found it and was trying to dig it out from under the cupboard. I gave the command "leave it", and he instantly stopped trying to get at it. I hate to think what would have happened if he hadn't had the training.

I highly recommend Neuman K-9 Academy. Any dog that we get in the future will definitely be trained by Josiah.


Grizzly - Boot Camp graduate
Name: Rachel Sundberg / Scandia, MN
Dog's Name: Grizzly

I could not be more thrilled with the training Josiah gave my 7 month old Tibetan Mastiff, a breed known for its intolerance to being obedient. I felt it was imperative to give it a shot because when fully grown, he will go anywhere between 150-200 lbs. Josiah was up for the challenge and, amazingly, pulled it off. Grizz follows the commands superbly. I can even walk him off leash, release him and recall him and he listens. It is such a joy to take him for walks during our practice sessions that I walk further than I ever have before and Grizzly Bear and I are forming an even closer bond because of the time spent together. I have received comments from neighbors about how well trained he is...my favorite being "if only spouses could be so well-trained". In addition, I have to say that the way Josiah runs his training facility is incredibly professional!!! From the moment we dropped Grizz off to my training when I picked Grizz up, I couldn't think of anything they could do better. I found it hard to drop him off and leave him but Josiah sent weekly reports with pictures which was a godsend!

If you love your dog and want to have him trained well, this is definitely the place to go!!! Excellent, excellent, excellent!


Baron - German Shepherd Boot Camp
Name: Joel Butler / Woodbury, MN
Dog's Name: Baron

I would like to thank Josiah Neuman and the entire staff at the Neuman K-9 Academy for the superior job you did with my German Sheppard Dog Baron during his Boot Camp Level I training. His intelligence and his personality shine daily with what you have taught him. His confidence level continues to grow on a daily basis while we practice what you taught him.

I look forward to sending Baron to your Boot Camp Level II this fall to further his training. Kudos to all!

Cuthburton and Vesta - Boot Camp graduates
Name: Chaz Miller / Saint Cloud, MN
Dog's Name: Cuthburton and Vesta

I brought both of my Mastiff puppies to Neuman K-9 Academy. They were both in the Boot Camp. One was there for 12 weeks, the other was there for 8 weeks. They both came back different dogs. Both well trained and well mannered. My wife and I highly recommend Neuman K-9 Academy for your dog training needs. The only down side is that we missed our puppies.

Buster - Boot Camp graduate
Name: Brian Conner / Humble, Texas
Dog's Name: Buster

I can't say enough positive things about Josiah and Summer and Neuman K-9 Academy. Buster is a 17 month old Boxer. He is a great dog but calling him energetic would be an understatement. As he got older and larger it became very difficult for my wife and I to control him, particularly in public. Buster was becoming less and less a part of our family because he was so difficult to control in public around other people and animals. We tried trainers locally and Buster responded well as long as there were not distractions, but in the real world there are always distractions.

Given we live in Texas I was very concerned about putting Buster on a plane unaccompanied to Minnesota but Josiah walked me through the whole process. The weekly updates were great and he was (and still is) always available to talk or answer questions. After going through Boot Camp III, Buster is still a great dog, energetic and with the same personality. There difference is now he is under control. I don't hesitate at all to take him to the park, the local ice cream shop or pet store. We have also started inviting people to our house again and we don't have to keep Buster locked away in his crate the whole time. I have no doubt I can control him if people, including children, approach him. Only a small correction is required on the rare occasion he loses focuses. The training that Josiah and Summer provide is tremendous, but I believe the field trips offered in boot camp are the real differentiating factor.

This was the best investment I could have made for our dog and I can't say enough positive things.


Risque - Boot Camp graduate
Name: Mickey Miller and Doug Miller / Ramsey, MN
Dog's Name: Risque

Our 11 month old German Shepherd Risque is going to be our sons service dog. We knew that her obedience/manners had to be absolute so that we could access the public places we needed to go to continue her socialization. I researched a lot of training facilities before choosing Neuman K-9. Josiah put us at ease about trusting Risque care and education to them. Their facility is clean, homey and has a relaxed yet professional feel to it.

Neuman K-9 did an outstanding job and have remained helpful and accessible even after picking her up. Definitely lived up to our expectations. They prepared her to meet people respectfully, ignore distractions while working, calmly work through crowds of people. The confidence to navigate obstacles ie: elevators, tight aisle ways stairs, crowded hallways, and sudden strange noises. Risque has come to work with me a couple of times now. She is alert, calm and confident. Often better behaved than the people she meets. She calmly waits for them to settle down and a release command before she greets them. I worried that putting her through Boot Camp lll would change the traits and personality that her breeder and we felt would make her a successful service dog. But I can honestly say it has done nothing but enhance what was already there.The essence that makes Risque well risque is still there. She now just has some skills.

We look forward to working with Josiah and Summer as we get ready for Risque to obtain her BH, TDI and CGC.


Mocha - Obedience Training graduate
Name: Chris and Jennifer Harbo / St. Peter, MN
Dog's Name: Mocha

Just wanted to thank you again for all of your training with Mocha. We just hosted Thanksgiving at our house and Mocha's behavior exceeded our expectations. It was the first time we've attempted to host a large party since we got him more than a year ago and he did great! Yes, as always, he was very excited when the guests arrived, but once released to great everyone, he did so politely and didn't jump up on anyone or try to chew on anyone's fingers. Within two minutes, he was calmly mingling within everyone in the room. Best of all, during dinner he stayed in his down/stay while everyone ate. In fact, most of our guests forgot he just 20 feet away.

We know that without your training tonight's gathering would have been a very different (and stressful) experience. As it was, we were relaxed, Mocha was relaxed, and everyone had a great time. For that, and for every day we practice his obedience, we are thankful!


Pearl and Lucy - Boot Camp graduate
Name: Faith and Roy Bredholt / Excelsior, MN
Dog's Name: Pearl and Lucy

After four weeks of boot camp our labs, Pearl (2years old) and Lucy (1.5 years) returned home completely different than when they left. For the first time they were very well behaved. They were calmer, attentive to our commands and focused on pleasing us. They walk on the leash beautifully without pulling and sit down when we stop. They ignore other dogs and animals and behave quietly. People continually stop us to tell us what nice manners our dogs have.

We feel that because of boot camp we now have many years to truly enjoy our dogs without the unruly behavior they exhibited before they attended. When they first returned home they tested us by trying to return to some of their previous behavior but quick reminders reinforced the boot camp training and their good behavior returned immediately. We would recommend this to any dog owner as an investment in their future enjoyment of their dog. The results of the boot camp training are incredible!


Mickie - Boot Camp graduate
Name: John Noonan / Cologne, MN
Dog's Name: Mickie

K9 Academy completely overachieved every goal that we had hoped for! Sorta feels like we have a brand new dog,....She is still as sweet as ever,...but, now she is even happier yet,..because she can follow simple instructions. Our Pitbull Mickie just loves to follow instruction, and it is even sort of funny, because when we put in the tape on the TV,...and she hears Josiah's voice,...she still follows his instruction! We are looking forward to even more advanced training in the future.

I can't wait for any opportunity that we are presented with,..to recommend K9 Academy. Thanks for everything!!


Tank and Bruiser - Graduates
Name: Adam Wartman / Minnetonka, MN
Dog's Name: Bruiser and Tank

I have two American Bulldogs, and I can't even express how happy I am with the outcome after Josiah worked with them. Not only that, but I get compliments daily on how impressive it is that my dogs are so well behaved. While I had to find Josiah and now keep up with the training, he and Summer really did all the work. Since then he has been nothing but helpful with questions and advice now that they are home.

I have recommended several others to his program, and I wouldn't do so if I wasn't 100% satisfied.


Maverick - Boot Camp II. Graduate
Name: Nathan / Missouri
Dog's Name: Maverick

I looked for a good dog trainer for about two years before I found Josiah Neuman. I first discovered the Neuman K-9 Academy through a Youtube video of a little boy handling a perfectly Obedient dog, it was trained by Josiah. Right off the bat I was very impressed by the quality of Neuman's web design and the Obedience of the dogs shown in the videos.

Despite living seven hours away from Neuman K-9 Academy, I knew that Josiah was the right trainer for Maverick. I had many needlessly difficult days with Maverick before I enrolled him in the two month Boot Camp II class. I am impressed with Maverick's performance upon completion; he is not a new dog - but rather the same, taken to a level of control I never thought possible. I look forward to trying my best to continue what was started so well at Neuman K-9.

I trusted my dog to Neuman for two months and I hope you will do the same. Thank you, Josiah!



Ernie - Boot Camp II. Graduate
Name: Paul Hansen / St. Paul, MN
Dog's Name: Ernie

I was desperate when I contacted the Neuman K-9 Academy. I own a Labradoodle who has lots of sprit and independence. I worked with my dog in multiple weekly classes. We would work hard together, but life always seemed to get in the way and without the consistency our training was not very effective.

When I enrolled Ernie (my dog) in boot camp I was nervous. After all I just paid someone to take my dog for 8 weeks and train him without even being involved in the process. I was concerned about my dogs adjustment away from home, and often wondered if it would work once he started back in his routine. There was also trepidation about the amount of money I was paying for this dog.

I cant tell you how grateful I am to Josiah and his team for working with Ernie. Not only was his training excellent, but Ernie has done a great job at home. I never thought I would get him to recall or sit/lay on command for any length of time. He has exceeded my expectations and more. My relationship with Ernie has improved greatly because of this experience. We now spend our time running, walking, playing recall games and I don't have to worry about him not coming or placing himself in danger.

The team at Neuman K-9 Academy is amazing!! They have been professional and were always willing to communicate with me at any point in the process. I would recommend Neuman K-9 Academy to any of my friends or family. I would encourage you to contact Josiah over the phone and ask lots questions about the training. It helped me understand the process and decreased my anxiety.


Sunny - Boot Camp II. Graduate
Name: Kiersten Osborne / Edina, MN
Dog's Name: Sunny

Our family has 2 children with autism and spent months researching service and therapy dogs for the kids. After deciding we did not want to wait a few years (or raise the funds for a number of the providers) we decided to adopt a wonderful year-old lab-mix from our local shelter (Sunny). He had a sweet, gentle, temperament and was wonderful with our children, but needed basic obedience training.

We turned to Josiah (owner of K-9 Academy) and could not be more pleased with the results. Sunny returned after 2 months of "Boot Camp" and his basic commands (sit, stay, heel, wait, place and come) are great. He is a pleasure to walk! Josiah sent us weekly updates on his progress along with wonderful pictures of his training sessions.

Josiah was easy to work with and extremely professional. He worked with Sunny at his facility as well as out in the community, which was important to us. Not only did he work on obedience, but treadmill training (conditioning) and socialization time with other dogs were included in the daily routine.

When we picked Sunny up, Josiah spent time teaching us to handle Sunny and gave us a great packet of information on his training techniques that we could refer to. He also created a DVD for us of him working with Sunny, which has been a great resource (and a fun keepsake). We are looking forward to meeting with him for our follow-up sessions and further customizing the skills for Sunny that are important to our family.

We are happy to report that last week Sunny passed his Good Canine Citizenship and Therapy Dog International exams and will be making visits to our local schools and hospitals in the near future. He is a wonderful companion to our children and is easy to have in the house as well as out in the community.

We highly recommend Newman K-9 Academy and are thankful to Josiah for all the time he spent helping us with Sunny. We feel the investment we made will be paying off for the next 10+ years. :)


Rudy - Boot Camp II. Graduate
Name: Jeanne Burkhart / North Mankato, MN
Dog's Name: Rudy

I took our dog Rudy to training/boot camp. He wasn't a horribly out of control dog, but the kids next door were teasing him and he was becoming sensitive about people in his space. He was also just never very well trained by us--and those of you who have seen labradoodles know they are no small dog. The training provided by Josiah was excellent--my dog is responsive in ways I never thought possible. Financially I thought it was a good deal. It always seems like a lot of money when you are paying for a somewhat unknown product, but I became more and more confident as I received the weekly updates. In the end I am very sure it was well worth both the time away from Rudy and the money.

I would recommend them with no reservations whatsoever. It's a long time to be without your pet, but the results for the animal's and pet owner's lives together are well worth the wait.


Luca - Boot Camp I. Graduate
Name: Sandra Becker / St. Paul, MN
Dog's Name: Luca

Our second dog is currently learning manners at Josiah's wonderful facility. He trained our enthusiastic Dalmatian to be a gentleman, and trained us as well! The dogs have great digs right in the house, a space to run and play, and instructors who know what they are doing.


Zoe - Boot Camp II. Graduate
Name: Hope Meehan / Winnebago, MN
Dog's Name: Zoe

Much Thanks to the work of Neuman K-9 Academy. They did a great job with my newly adopted three year old dog. She had fear aggression and I wasn't sure that I could keep her.

Thanks to them she is now happy and well adjusted and I can't imagine my life without her. I recommend them to ANYONE seeking dog training. Even after my dog graduated they have been helpful and professional.


Savannah - Boot Camp II. Graduate
Name: Jim Kilburg / Minneapolis, MN
Dog's Name: Savannah

We recently left our dog (Savannah) who has never been trained and suffers from anxiety issues when left alone, in the hands of the Neuman K-9 Academy. What we left Josiah and his staff was an undisciplined dog whose anxiety caused her to chew everything in site when left alone and what we got back (after 8 weeks) was a well trained dog who listened when given commands and behaved better than we ever imagined. It was the best investment we have ever done.

The care and direction they gave our dog and the time they spent with us to ensure we understood the various commands and the importance of consistency when handling dogs was first class.We would recommend Neuman's K-9 Academy to all. Thanks to Josiah and Summer for your patience and love for our dog and giving us back a new Savannah. The Kilburgs.


Shelby - Boot Camp I. Graduate
Name: Tiffany Scalzitti / Minneapolis, MN
Dog's Name: Shelby

I took my small, terrier mix, almost 2 year old dog, to Neuman K-9 Academy for Doggie Boot Camp and could not be more satisfied with her results! I was impressed from my first point of contact, when I called Josiah and asked that, though the particular session I was interested in was booked solid, would there be any way he could take my dog, as it worked best with my upcoming travel schedule. After a few questions, he agreed to take my dog into that session. As any dog owner would be, I was nervous to leave my dog for a month for training, but the weekly progress update emails were absolutely fantastic and seeing pictures of my dog in her training activities was quite entertaining.

Upon picking her up, not only was I provided with a CD showing what she'd been taught, but Josiah spent an hour with me, showing me the commands and teaching me as well. I am absolutely satisfied with the training both my dog and myself received and would absolutely send her again, as well as recommend Neuman K-9 Academy to anyone who would like to have a well trained dog, but who might not have the time to do so themselves.


Max relaxing at home
Name: Elana Walton / St. Louis Park, MN
Dog's Name: Maximus

We sent our 18 month old dog, Maximus, to the 8-week boot camp level II, and couldn't be more pleased with the results! Before going to the academy, he would jump and knock people over, pull repeatedly during walks, and never keep any command for more than a minute or so.

After returning from the Neuman academy, Max seems like a different dog. He consistently walks at a heal, he rarely jumps up (and when he does, quickly corrects himself at our command), and he holds commands for as long as we want. I would definitely recommend this Academy.


Charles Bluett and Nala
Name: Amy Bluett / Minneapolis, MN
Dog's Name: Nala

The training our Boxer received at Neuman K-9 Academy was incredible. We still work with her to ensure the training lasts but the attention our boxer gives to her handler is incredible and after attending boot camp our Boxer rarely needs more of a correction than a calm "no" before doing what has been asked of her.

We could not be more impressed with the results.


Zeus at home relaxing in the backyard
Name: Ellie Throop / Old Hickory, TN
Dog's Name: Zeus

Our dogs are members of our family, cherished like children, and we provide only the very best for them. From food to exercise, their needs are just as important as ours. Our male GSD, Zeus, needed more training and instruction from us than we knew how to give. I searched the country looking for someone who would love and cherish Zeus like we do but also offer him the level of training and instruction we could not. Zeus is an intelligent rescue, full of bad habits, but incredibly loving, sensitive and curious. We knew with his age and temperament he'd be a challenge and a short, weekly class was out of the question. But we couldn't stand the thought of a in-boarding situation where he'd be in a kennel removed from people, scared and stressed.

Out of the nation-wide search I conducted looking for inboard, thorough, loving training Neuman K-9 was easily the best just on his website design alone. The clean, clear communication with ample photos, testimonials and information let us see that this was a credible, organized, and successful operation in a home environment that focused completely on the success and comfort of the dogs. Nothing about the training was hidden from us and every bit of the experience would be documented and recorded with updates for us weekly as to his progress.

When we traveled from TN up to MN to tour the facility it was definitely worth the drive. The site was amazing, the facilities immaculate and the dogs in training were incredible. The best part was how down to earth Josiah and Summer were about accepting Zeus and listening to us go on and on about his every little temperament detail. So while they were great teaching us, they also displayed their main focus would be Zeus. Throughout the experience Josiah has never been anything other than articulate, supportive, professional and dedicated to Zeus and our family's training.

Zeus is home now and the training continues, because Josiah and Summer are still there for us and Zeus when we need help tackling new situations. The transformation in Zeus was remarkable. He is still an incredibly loving, curious and sensitive dog but now knows what is expected of him behavior-wise and we do too. With a 5 yr old dog new habits are hard to form, but Josiah provided us an incredibly strong foundation to enjoy the next 5 years helping Zeus understand limits and helping us learn to set them. I'm sure without a shadow of a doubt we would have had to face some impossible situations with Zeus were it not for the training and guidance from Neuman K-9.

It's a hard decision spending money on a dog for training, but working with Josiah made it easy because I knew we were investing in our future, and Zeus's future, too. Working with Neuman K-9 has absolutely changed our life, improving it in ways we'd never imagine because as much as we love dogs, we're not training experts. I would highly recommend Neuman K-9 and look forward to sending our rescued Beagle, Buddy, to boot camp next year!


Neko and his family
Name: Paula Green / Apple Valley, MN
Dog's Name: Neko

We have a German Shepherd Dog and we decided we wanted to do Obedience and Protection Training with him. We first reviewed Josiah's website and then met with him. Once we talked to him about what we wanted we knew he was the trainer we wanted to work with! Since then our dog has received his Obedience training and is doing excellent with that. We are now working with him on an on-going basis for his protection training and are very very happy with his work.

You can tell our dog loves to work with Josiah as he gets excited each time we drive in! He has a great philosophy about training and is extremely knowledgeable in many different aspects of training and dogs in general. We couldn't have made a better choice for the training of our dog and the training of us, the handlers! I would highly recommend Neuman K9 for any of your training needs!


Maverick and his family
Name: Daren Meier / Faribault, MN
Dog's Name: Maverick

We had our standard schnauzer, Maverick, trained at Neuman K-9 Academy last spring. He came back from training doing exactly what Josiah said he would. We were amazed! Josiah was professional, helpful, and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable leaving my dog with him. I would recommend him to anyone.

Buddy and his family.
Name: The Post family / Chaska, MN
Dog's Name: Buddy

We had purchased a dog for our son who was eight. It has been a long time since we had to train a dog and this was our first large dog. As our new puppy grew in size, he also grew his own personality. We were at the end of our rope with trying to train Buddy and feared his safety as he kept running away and into the street.

I searched the web for help and found Neuman K-9 Academy Inc. I called immediately and booked him a spot. It was hard to say goodbye to Buddy but knew it was for the best. During his training we received weekly recaps with pictures. The family sat by the computer each Monday night to wait for this update. It was exciting to watch Buddy grow and develop.

Soon the 8 weeks were up and it was time to bring Buddy home. I couldn't believe my eyes for Buddy has transformed into a well behaved dog that listened intently to the commands and obeyed.

Neuman's academy was amazing in training our loving dog and provided us with the tools and information necessary to maintain what Buddy has learned. This was a well worth it investment!


Sydney - Boot Camp II. Graduate
Name: David and Jayne Wilhelm / Eden Prairie, MN
Dog's Name: Sydney

I highly recommend Neuman K-9 Academy. Our puppy was in need of training and upon collecting her after her stay, she was a transformed dog! She now responds to commands, is less prone to chasing the cats and is generally a more obedient dog.

We are so pleased with the results that Josiah has helped to achieve and highly recommend Neuman K-9 Academy to others.
Our dog Sydney will return for purposes of boarding during the holidays. Thanks!


David Bartels and Sophie the Labradoodle Skijorging
Name: David and Diane Bartels / Mound, MN
Dog's Name: Sophie

The Neuman K-9 Academy is a first class operation. We took our very willful 9 month old Labradoodle to Josiah Neuman and his assistant Summer Duggan to learn basic obedience plus. When we came to pick her up, she was the same fun, energetic, happy, active dog, but with the foundation basics of good manners, confidence, and obedience. During her stay we were provided weekly updates via email as well as video clips of some of the activities she was involved in. This made us feel involved even during the time she was away at training.

When we came to pick her up, Josiah spent time with us going over how to reinforce and add to the foundation he had built, what we needed to do and what we could expect from our dog. We were very pleased and felt that our investment in training at Neuman K-9 Academy was well worth it. I highly recommend this organization.


Remy and her family in the backyard
Name: Andrew and Katrina Marchese / Burnsville, MN
Dog's Name: Remy

We adopted Remy when she was a year old. We could tell she was a "good" dog- very good natured, but she was a bit wild and we could not get her to listen to us. We were frustrated with the prospect of once-a-week training sessions.

I discovered Neuman K-9 Academy and it's the best money we have spent. Remy came back a much more controlled, well behaved dog, and most important, she still had all of her fun, puppy personality.

We really like the positive environment Summer and Josiah provide for Remy. We continue to take her to Neuman K-9 Academy during our vacations and will continue to recommend them to anyone looking for dog training. They really do bring out the best in dogs they work with!


Neuman K-9 Academy Inc. Graduates
Name: Keith Naps / Minneapolis, MN
Dog's Name: Cooper
Graduated: January 2008

My wife and I sought training for Cooper because, although he is very affectionate and well mannered, exhibited some behaviors that we needed help with. Specifically, as a strong dog, he was very difficult to manage on a leash, and this problem exacerbated in the presence of other dogs. Cooper exhibited some aggressive tendencies that made him difficult to manage when out on a walk.

Cooper's training at the Neuman K-9 Academy was more than satisfactory and addressed all of our concerns. As soon as he returned home, his hard work became obvious. Cooper responds instantly to commands on leash, and using the lessons learned from the graduation handler session, we are working hard to hone his training off-leash as well.

Aside from the effectiveness of Cooper's training, we were also very impressed by the updates from Josiah Neuman, in form of emails, images, and even videos of Cooper's progress. We would not hesitate to recommend the Neuman K-9 Academy to any of our dog-loving friends and family.


Neuman K-9 Academy Inc. Graduates
Name: Brad and Lori Larson / Fairmont, MN
Dog's Name: Annie

I am writing this letter of reference as a personal testimony to the amazing changes we saw in our dog after receiving training from Josiah Neuman at the Neuman K-9 Academy Inc.

We bought our two-month old beagle puppy, Annie, from a breeder. Almost from the beginning she was aggressive; growling and biting us if we tried to stop her from doing something she wanted to do or to get her to do something she didn't want to do. She would bite so hard she would draw blood. We have two children and we were afraid she would seriously injure someone. We felt it was more serious than just puppy play and sent her to the boarding program for dogs with behavior problems at the Neuman K-9 Academy.

At the end of the training program, Josiah met with our family and explained the rules he implemented with Annie and helped us understand that we mean what we say. Josiah also explained to us how important exercise and socialization is for puppies. He gave us many specific suggestions and sent us home with written instructions to follow. Josiah followed up with us to answer questions and see how Annie was doing.

The change in Annie is clearly evident. She listens to us more intently, follows our commands and overall is much more relaxed and affectionate. We have learned to respect her and she in turn is more responsive to our commands. Annie is still very full of energy and eager to chew on anything she can find but she is now a good companion to our family. Annie will be attending basic obedience training at the Neuman K-9 Academy in February and we are eager to see the further progress she will make.


Cooper and his family

Name: Brittany Hanno / Jordan, MN
Dog's name: Cooper

Hello, I have a German Shepherd dog that completed Obedience Level I in April. I have tried training Cooper alone and got frustrated so I started looking for something. I found Josiah and from the first time we met him I knew this was the place I would bring Cooper. Josiah was very professional and listened to our wants and needs which was great!

He came home a new and improved dog, not only in working mode, also in etiquette. When we got him back and went back for our sessions Cooper was excited to see Josiah so you know he got treated with great respect while gone at training! Thanks Josiah and Summer for all your hard work.


Neuman K-9 Academy Inc. Graduates
Name: Amy Lemaniak / Lowry, MN
Dog's Name: Faith

Prior to training Faith would not respond to commands, such as "sit" and "no" unless I had a "treat". She would try to bite if I wanted her to do something and she did not want to. Faith would pull on leash during walks, even with a pinch collar. She would jump on people and furniture, and get into the trash.

After training Faith is overall much more calm. She obeys "sit" "down" "stay" and "come" commands. Faith has not attempted to bite anyone. On walks she stays right beside me, and I can even put the leash around my shoulders and not hold onto it. Friends and family have commented on her obedience and calmer state, and I have recommended Neuman K-9 Academy to them.


Neuman K-9 Academy Inc. Graduates
Name: Robert Huffman / Mound, MN
Dog's Name: Buddy

I am totally satisfied with the service I received. My dog has been great ever since. He came back the same happy dog - not a zombie.


Neuman K-9 Academy Inc. Graduates
Name: Tim and Peg Kunkel / Fairmont, MN
Dog's Name: Ben

We have been very pleased with our overall experience with the Neuman K-9 Academy; from our initial contact and getting our questions answered through the actual training experience & weekly communication & updates to the continuous follow-ups after the training to provide us with support for continued success.


Neuman K-9 Academy Inc. Graduates
Name: Mike and Heidi Zuhlsdorf / New Ulm, MN
Dog's Name: Bindi

We have been very pleased with our overall experience with the Neuman K-9 Academy; from our initial contact and getting our questions answered through the actual training experience & weekly communication & updates to the continuous follow-ups after the training to provide us with support for continued success.



Neuman K-9 Academy Inc. Graduates
Name: Leon and Jackie Murray / Good Thunder, MN
Dog's Name: Daija

Our dog Daija, was very unruly. We got her as a puppy not knowing she was so high maintenance. Fearing she was un-tamable we contacted Josiah. He took her in to train when she was 6 months old. The results were unbelievable.She was a different dog. She still has her energy but its completely tolerable. She does all of her commands and is happy to be obedient. Josiah was so helpful with any questions or concerns we have had since her training.



Neuman K-9 Academy Inc. Graduates
Name: Greg Valley / Mankato, MN
Dog's Name: Sage

I adopted Sage from the Humane Society in Siren Wisconsin. She became a member of our family in April. Coming from poor living conditions and ending up a stray, Sage had severe separation anxiety. It was difficult to leave her alone. She was a smart dog, however never being trained she lacked obedience. I consulted Josiah Neuman with Neuman K-9 Academy in September 2007 and was extremely impressed by his compassion and understanding of my situation with Sage. She immediately started "Boot Camp".

Upon graduation, I was unsure that I was picking up the same dog that I had dropped off three weeks prior. This well behaved and much calmer dog was indeed mine. Her temperament was extremely impressive. Josiah had not only changed my favorite four legged friend's life, but transformed mine. I learned several things I had been doing were affecting Sage's understanding of rules and boundaries. Sage and I both continue to go back with refresher courses to continue the learning process. Josiah and Neuman K-9 Academy have been an absolute blessing. The academy has been brought up in several conversations with friends, family and even strangers who ask me about how Sage is so well behaved. Josiah Neuman is always mentioned with great enthusiasm and appreciation




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