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Neuman K-9 Academy offers dog training resources for our doggy boot camp trainees and graduates as well as the general public. We are a professional canine training school specializing in dog obedience training, and fully trained dogs for sale.

We hope you can benefit from the following:

>> Dog Training Articles

Here you will find training articles such as:

- treadmill training your canine
- the debate of using treats
- dog whispering techniques
- food aggression

Check out articles by the trainers of Neuman K-9 Academy. If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us to send an article topic request!


Dog Training Resources

>> FAQ's

Our FAQs are a valuable dog training resource if you are considering enrolling your dog or puppy into one of our training programs. We discuss obedience training methods, age restrictions, immunizations, and more.

>> Dog Training Commands

Dog training commands are translated from English to the following:


>> Dog Training Terms

Dog lingo and training terms that are used on our website are defined here. Test your knowledge!

- Bite Inhibition
- Compulsion
- Operant Conditioning
- Opposition Reflex.... and more.

>> Links

Our dog training resources page wouldn't be complete without online resources for all dog lovers! Here you will find friends of the academy, affiliates, directories, and much more.

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