Dog Obedience School

Our dog obedience school is a Monday through Friday inboard course that is owner involved training. This three week program establishes proper obedience; teaching your dog how to walk on leash without pulling, to come when called, sit or down on command, to stop jumping on people, and respond to commands consistently.

Dogs enrolled for this program stay at the Academy Monday through Friday returning home with the owners on the weekend. At the end of each week, the owner receives go-home instructions specific to advancing their dogs training. Owners learn each phase of the learning process and also develop training skills. This course is ideal for owners that want to be involved with the training process and also prefer to have their dogs home on the weekend.

Neuman K-9 Academy is a Minnesota dog obedience and training company that provides professional dog training programs for all breeds. The various levels of


Dog Obedience Training Camp in Minnesota

Obedience School Training Curriculum:

Obedience Training - Owner Involved - Monday through Friday your dog will be trained by a professional trainer at the Academy. Training will include commands to walk at your side without pulling, sit, stay, down, come when called, wait at doors, go into a kennel on command, and more! Each weekend owners will receive training instruction to practice and develop skills in each phase of training.

Proper Etiquette - Dogs learn to meet and greet humans under control and without jumping (all four paws on the floor). In level II and level III, dogs travel to public places to practice etiquette in a real world environment. These opportunities also give us the ability to teach them proper etiquette like no jumping up, sitting and waiting at cross-walks, or getting in and out of a vehicle on command.

Treadmill Training - Dogs learn to run on a human treadmill; these workouts improve stamina, tone muscles (incline, intervals, power walking), and will help your dog absorb more in training. We include daily cardio and strength training, and daily weight monitoring.

Pack Socialization - Dogs enrolled for obedience training also receive pack socialization. They have the opportunity to run and play with the other dogs at the Academy. Group play time or pack socialization is supervised and structured making this a positive experience.

Upon completion of obedience training, your dog will receive a certificate of completion in recognition from the Academy.



Minnesota dog obedience training with a Siberian Husky Dog obedience and Socialization Dog obedience training in Minnesota


Obedience Training Level I. (Basic on-leash) - 3 Weeks (discontinued)

Level I. obedience training teaches your dog to walk on a leash without pulling, sit/stay, down/stay, come when called (on-leash), and proper etiquette (no jumping and waiting at doors).

Curriculum includes: Basic on-leash obedience training, dogs will learn to walk on a leash without pulling, basic commands to sit, down, stay, and come when called. Equipment pack level I included in the cost of the course ($59 value)

* No pre-requisites are required for this course. Dogs needing behavior modification (separation anxiety, dog aggression, etc) would NOT be accepted for this course.

Obedience Training Level II. (Intermediate off-leash recall) - 3 Weeks (discontinued)

Level II. obedience will teach your dog more advanced commands, and distractionproofing of commands in real life scenarios in public places.

Curriculum includes: Intermediate obedience training, off-leash recall (come when called), perfect heel position, go to your bed (place), down from a distance, proper etiquette, getting in/out of a vehicle on command, walking past people/dogs under control, distraction proofing, and treadmill training. Equipment pack level II included in the cost of the course ($285 value).

* Pre-requisites: Obedience School Level I, OR Puppy Camp Level I, OR Boot Camp Level I.

Obedience Training Level III. (Advanced off-leash) - 3 Weeks (discontinued)

The Level III. obedience program covers all phases of obedience training up to the most advanced level, total off-leash control.

Curriculum includes: Advanced Obedience Training, off-leash heeling, off-leash recall (come when called), formal front & finish, perfect heel position, go to your bed (place), and off-leash down from a distance, proper etiquette, getting in/out of a vehicle on command, walking past people/dogs under control, distraction proofing, and treadmill training.

* Pre-requisites: Obedience School Level II, OR Puppy Camp Level II, OR Boot Camp Level II.

Graduates of Obedience School are welcome to return for boarding!

Graduates of our obedience program are eligible to return at a later date for refresher training, continuing education, or boarding. This is an exclusive program made available to graduates, giving owners a more productive option to boarding at the local kennel. This is also a great way to improve upon what your dog has already learned, plus we provide a familiar environment, refresher training, and lots of exercise!

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Discontinued as of 2/1/2015. See Puppy Camp or Boot Camp for inboard training options.

**Last updated on 2/1/2015**

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To register: We require half the tuition be paid as a deposit to hold your place in the course. The remaining balance is due at the time of pick up and/or graduation.

To see dog training videos and/or pictures of dogs that have graduated click here --> Dog Training Videos and Pictures Gallery


Minnesota Dog Obedience and Training Professionals

Effective communication and proper motivation strengthens the bond between you and your puppy. We provide clients with a well behaved, obedient canine companion that can walk on leash without pulling, go into public places, meet and greet people under control, and be a part of the family.

Obedience training for your dog is the foundation for having a well behaved canine companion. We do the work for you. In-board training is the most effective method of dog training on the planet.

Our facility is conveniently located in Hugo, Minnesota. We are 28 miles from downtown Minneapolis or 22 miles from St. Paul (Twin Cities MN). We receive dogs from all over the country and can arrange shipping and receiving from the Minneapolis International Airport (MSP).

The in-board training or board and train options we provide allow you to enroll your canine companion even if you are not close to our Academy.

To learn more, inquire about our dog training services using our convenient online form.

Neuman K-9 Academy is proud to be an active member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.


We are certain you will see a positive impact in your dog returning home. Don't take our word for it - see what clients are saying about Neuman K-9 Academy!

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Jack Russell Terrier of Neuman K-9 Academy

Pearl graduated Level II in the summer of 2011.