Dog Boarding and Training for our Graduates

Neuman K-9 Academy offers boarding services exclusively to graduates of our training program.

Consistent reinforcement of your dog's training and commands is important to maintaining what he or she has already learned. We create an environment that values proper etiquette and reinforces inherent strengths, as well as a familiar atmosphere for your dog, where obedience and proper etiquette are a way of life. No other dog boarding kennel knows your dog and the training that has helped him/her become the well trained companion of today. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway, an extended vacation, or have an upcoming business trip, rest assured — Neuman K-9 Academy will continue to reinforce and/or build on the educational needs of your dog!



Dog Boarding ($58/day + tax)
Boarding at our Academy provides a familiar atmosphere to graduates. In conjunction to boarding we also offer provide 4 scheduled play groups per day, to ensure your dog gets an outlet for energy as well as enjoy the time spent at our Academy. We also will reinforce proper manners, waiting in the kennel or at doors until released, pack socialization (play time), and proper etiquette (no jumping up, leash manners, and coming when called).

Add-on Services:
Obedience Training ($20/day)
Your dog will participate in daily training refreshing obedience skills learned previously at the Academy. This is a great add on for dogs that will be boarded for more than a couple days.

Treadmill / Physical Conditioning ($15/day)
Dog Boot Camp graduates that have learned to run on the treadmill love this add on. Each day your dog will get a full work out; walking, jogging, running, inclines – a great option for dogs with high drive, or ones that could benefit from shedding a couple extra pounds.

Nature Hikes ($15/day)
A nature hike around the 10 acre campus of Neuman K-9 Academy. This is a pack exercise and is an excellent way to exercise your dog as well as reinforce off-leash commands learned in boot camp.

Bath (cost varies from $50 - $85)
Prior to pick up we can arrange for your dog to be bathed. This service includes a bath, nails clipped, and ears cleaned.



Vet record of immunization must be current, or sent before your dog arrives for boarding.

Day of drop-off counts as first billable day of dog boarding.

Going home, if a dog is picked-up after 10:00 AM, it counts as a billable day of boarding.

Two-day minimum for boarding. Overnights are allowed, however, the fee will be for two-nights.

Pick-up or drop-off times are between 9AM to 2:45PM, and by appointment only.

Dogs needing a colossal crate will be billed an additional $10/day.

Dogs that needs a metal impact crate to prevent breaking out will be billed an additional $10/day.

If a dog's meal(s) consists of RAW food, wet food, canned food, eggs, wet items, liquid additives, or any other items that require mixing, refrigeration, or freezing, a meal preparation fee $10/day per dog will be applied to the final balance due.

Payment in full is due at end of their boarding stay. We accept Visa, Mastercard, or cash only; we do NOT accept checks.


We recommend reserving dates at least 14 days in advance.

If you need dog boarding over a holiday, 30 days in advance is recommended.

Boarding Reservation Form - Click Here


Boot Camp Dog in Training

Photo of boot camper Red on the treadmill -- March 2012