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Service Dog Training

Neuman K-9 Academy's Service Dog Training is a specialized program giving you the ultimate level of control.

This innovative program is designed for individuals that need a Service Dog, or Assistance Dog, that can go anywhere, respond to commands, and provide the assistance needed from a Service Dog.

Our Service Dog Training begins with foundation obedience training. Service dogs will learn to sit, down, walk at your side on leash without pulling, wait at door ways or cross walks, jump in and out of vehicles, and provide assistance to you as a Service Dog.

The Service Dogs in our program have plenty of room to run and grow. We create an environment that values proper etiquette and reinforces inherent strengths.
Service dogs are engaged in specialized training exercises learning impulse control, proper etiquette, conditioning to public places, and behaviors specific to the service work. We take training service dogs on weekly field trips to public and private sites where they participate in drills that simulate real world conditions.

This Service Dog Training program is unique; the curriculum and comprehensive nature of the training is innovative - and the results are reliable, and unmatched by anything we have seen nationwide.

Neuman K-9 Academy adheres to the Minimum Training Standards set forth by the ADI (Assistance Dogs International).

Service Dog Training - Darwin

Service Dog Training Provided:

Psychiatric Service Dog
Skills / Behaviors — Tactile stimulation, Initiate activity (walking & playing), Pressure/ warmth stimulation, and or Initiate interpersonal interaction.

Temperament / Breed — People-oriented, easy going, happy go-lucky personalities that are not easily disturbed or upset by the possible behavior changes of their handler. Any size or breed of dog with the correct temperament is capable of being trained for this job.

Client / Owner's needs — Severe Depression, Bipolar, PTSD, Anxiety/Panic disorders, OCD, or otherwise prescribed by a Medical Doctor.

Mobility Assistance Dog
Skills / Behaviors — Dogs retrieve dropped items, helps handler with bracing, balancing, walking, and standing up.

Temperament / Breed — dogs with enough desire and drive to willingly work for their owner and also be able to quickly & easily calm and settle in a multitude of situations. Medium, Large and Giant breed dogs are most suitable due to the physical nature of this type of work.

Client / Owner's needs — Spinal cord injury, Brain injury, Muscular Dystrophy, Arthritis, Balance problems, or otherwise prescribed by a Medical Doctor.

Service Dog Training Curriculum:

Confidence Building — Obstacle courses, environmental stability, and dealing with adversity anywhere and everywhere is necessary for a Service Dog. Riding on escalators, going up or down elevators, and working through various conditions that build confidence are an important part of training service dogs.

Obedience Training — Practical and necessary commands that enable you to communicate with your Service Dog both in the home or in public places. Commands to heel at your side, sit automatically when you stop, sit stay, down stay, dropped leash recall (come when called) in a store, wait at doors or at cross walks, get in/out of a vehicle on command, and respond to verbal commands and/or hand signals.

Manners & Proper Etiquette — Service dogs learn proper social behavior skills; curriculum includes proper etiquette (meeting and greeting people) under control - no aggressive behavior, no biting, lunging, etc. No Soliciting food or petting from people while on duty. No sniffing merchandise or people or intruding into another dog's space while on duty. Socialize to tolerate strange sights, sounds, odors, etc. in a variety of public settings. Ignore food on the floor or dropped in the dog's vicinity. Works calmly on leash, no unruly behavior or unnecessary vocalizations in public settings. No urinating or defecating in public places unless given a specific command or signal to toilet in an appropriate place.

Disability Related Tasks — Each Service Dog will be individually trained to perform identifiable tasks on command or cue for the benefit of the disabled human partner. This may include retrieving objects that are out of their person's reach, pulling a wheelchair, barking to indicate that help is needed, assisting ambulatory persons to walk by providing balance and counterbalance, providing deep pressure, and many other individual tasks.

Public Outings — Service Dog Training can include public access, giving dog and owner freedom to go into public places. Service Dogs enrolled for this training will travel away from Neuman K-9 Academy to train in public and private training areas. Curriculum includes: Safely cross a parking lot, halt for traffic, ignore distractions, heel through narrow aisles, hold a Sit Stay when a shopping cart passes by or a person stops to chat and pets the dog; Hold a Down Stay when a child approaches and briefly pets the dog; hold a Sit Stay when someone drops food on the floor; Remain calm if someone else holds the leash while handler moves 20 ft. away; Remain calm while another dog passes 6 ft. of the team; and public etiquette to meet and greet people in public places under control.

Service Dog Certification — Upon course completion each dog will be given a certificate (Service Dog Certification) as proof that it has mastered the necessary skills of a Service Dog. This certificate will be issued by Neuman K-9 Academy, endorsed by the trainers that have handled and evaluated the Service Dog. The owner will also receive a DVD with obedience commands and instructions specific to the Service Dog.

**Owner and Service Dog team will be required to pass the PACT (Public Access Certification Test) upon course completion in order to receive public access status.


Mobility Assistance Dog Training Psychiatric Service Dog Training Mobility Service Dog Training


Service Dog Pre-Requisites:
1) Written recommendation from a Physician
2) Veterinarian verification
3) Owner/handler application
4) Approved Application and Temperament Evaluation from Neuman K-9 Academy, Inc.

Service Dog Application and Evaluation ($500)
In order to enroll your dog for Service Dog Training, you must submit a Service Dog Application, necessary documentation (Itemized under Service Dog Pre-Requisites), and schedule a drop off 48-hour evaluation. Your dog will stay here at the facility during this time for an evaluation of the temperament, confidence, learning aptitude, and ability to do assistance work. The application/evaluation fee is non-refundable.

Due to the rigorous training involved with this program we have limited availability. We require half the tuition be paid as a deposit to hold your place in the course. The remaining balance is due at the time of pick up and/or graduation.

-- Personal Service Dog Training -- 8 Weeks ($9,800)

This course is designed for Service Dogs that will work for its handler in a home environment only (no public access).

Curriculum includes:
On-leash obedience training, learning to walk on a leash without pulling, off leash recall, waiting at doors, going into the kennel, socialization with other friendly dogs.

**Personal Service Dog Training is intended for Psychiatric Service Dogs and/or Mobility Assistance dogs that will provide assistance in the home (no public access).

-- Public Access Service Dog Training -- 16 Weeks ($15,800)

This course is designed for Service Dogs that will need to assist the owner everywhere they go, including public places, transportation (car, bus, airplane, etc), and perform duties of a Service Dog.

Curriculum includes:
On-leash obedience training, learning to walk on a leash without pulling, getting in and out of a vehicle, waiting at doors, going into the kennel, confidence building through obstacle courses, and socialization with other friendly dogs. Transport training with include loading/unloading from a vehicle in a busy parking lot, approaching then entering a building, moving through a busy grocery store, ridding public transportation, holding a position while you eat a meal at a restaurant, going with you on elevators/escalators and other public access situations.

**Public Access Service Dog Training is intended for Psychiatric Service Dogs and/or Mobility Assistance dogs that will provide assistance in public places. Service Dogs that graduate this course will receive a Public Access Service Dog Certification, upon successfully completing the PACT (Public Access Certification Test) set forth by the ADI (Assistance Dogs International).


Training Service Dogs

Effective communication and proper motivation are the foundation for a well trained Service Dog or Assistance Dog. We provide clients with a reliable, well trained Service Dog that can walk on leash without pulling, meet and greet people under control, and provide assistance to the owner. This service enhances the life of the owner, and we take the responsibility of training these dogs with great care.

Our Service Dog Training facility is conveniently located in Hugo, Minnesota. We are 28 miles from downtown Minneapolis or 22 miles from St. Paul (Twin Cities, MN).

The in-board training or board and train options we provide allow you to enroll for Service Dog Training, even if you are not close to our Academy. We receive dogs from all over the country as well as internationally, and can arrange shipping and receiving from the Minneapolis International Airport (MSP).

Neuman K-9 Academy is proud to be an active member of:
National Association of Service Dogs
International Association of Canine Professionals

Other pages you may find helpful:
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For questions, comments or assistance regarding our service dog training or other programs, Contact Us or complete our Services Inquiry form.

Service Dog Training Programs - Risque Mobility Assistance Dog Risque. She graduated in August 2010

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