Professional Dog Training for All Breeds
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Neuman K-9 Academy - Professional Dog Training in MN
Professional Dog Training for All Breeds
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Dog Training Handler Courses

While a majority of our training courses are in-board programs, we also offer handlers the opportunity to bring their trained canine to our facility, to continue obedience training.

Perhaps, you'd be more likely to take your dog to public places, if commands were followed regardless of environmental distractions. Perhaps, your dog could be an integral part of family activities, if it had proper social skills or less aggressive behavior.

Our private and group handler courses are an economical way to enhance previous training, or help prepare for an upcoming trial. We will provide you with tools to improve communication with your dog and advance obedience skills.

Through dog obedience training, how to be a better team.

Timing and reinforcement through the use of praise.

Using body language to speak to your dog.

Command discrimination.

Focus heeling through distractions.

Hone handler skills, timing, foot work, and leash handling.


Group training sessions are $25 per team (handler + dog), and are divided into one-hour sessions.

Private one-on-one classes are $40 per team (handler + dog) for a 1 hour training session.


Handler Courses

Effective communication and proper motivation strengthens the bond between you and your canine. We utilize techniques proven safe and efficient and recognized by canine training experts. Boot camp dog training is engineered for dogs of all ages and personalities. Contact us if would like to enroll in a Handler Course.

Our dog training facility is located in St. Peter, MN - just north of Mankato. We service all of Minnesota, including Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Neuman K-9 Academy is proud to be an active member of both the International Association of Canine Professionals, and Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

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