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Dog Training Programs

The dog training programs we provide are in-board - also known as boarding training or board and train. This means that the dogs stay at the Academy for the duration of the training program or boot camp. This is the best and most efficient form of dog training. We do the work for you - delivering a well behaved canine companion.

The success of our dog training reaches nationwide. Our doggy boot camp process is unlike any other. We incorporate obedience in public, physical conditioning, confidence building, distraction proofing, socialization, and proper etiquette meeting and greeting people under control.

Neuman K-9 Academy is the last stop for many dogs that have gone through other programs without success. We have solved many cases deemed helpless or impossible by other dog trainers. If you want the best for your dog, rely on the professional dog trainers at our Academy and see the results for yourself!

Our dog training school specializes in dog obedience, puppy obedience, dog boot camp and Service Dog Training.


Dog Boot Camp

As our most popular program, dog boot camp achieves the highest level of obedience training you will find. It will teach your dog how to behave in public, to meet and greet people under control, and positively modify unwanted behaviors. This program will improve physical condition, build confidence, and create a well balanced canine companion.

>> Level I. - Four Week Boot Camp (basic)

>> Level II. - Eight Week Boot Camp (intermediate)

>> Level III. - Twelve Week Boot Camp (advanced)
  Dog training boot camp for all breeds

Puppy Obedience Training and Puppy Boot Camp

Puppy boot camp is perfect for getting your puppy on the right track. We teach puppies the fundamentals of being a canine good citizen.

We incorporate puppy obedience training, crate training, proper etiquette, socialization, and confidence building. We also can address problematic behaviors like nipping, biting, jumping, and other unwanted behaviors.

This program is a constructive start with your soon-to-be adult dog.

>> Level I. - Four Week Puppy Boot Camp

>> Level II. - Eight Week Puppy Boot Camp

Service Dog Training

Service Dog Training offered by Neuman K-9 Academy is a program that teaches the owner's dog how to assist as a Psychiatric Service Dog, or Mobility Assistance Dog, both in the home or in public places.

This innovative Service Dog program is unlike anything you have seen before! If you are seeking a Service Dog or Mobility Assistance Dog, our course will shape and transform your canine into the reliable Service Dog companion that can go anywhere and assist you!

>> Public Access Service Dogs (enrollment and price options)

>> Psychiatric Service Dog (information)

>> Mobility Assistance Dogs (informatoin)

  Service Dog Training - Sport K9 Training Minnesota

Basic Dog Obedience

An in-board program that teaches your dog the basics of obedience and etiquette. We offer three levels of dog training ranging from basic on-lead commands to advanced off-leash heeling.

>> Level I - Four week Obedience Camp (basic)

>> Level II - Four week Obedience Camp (intermediate)

>> Level III - Eight week Obedience Camp (advanced)
  Dog Obedience Training at Neuman K-9 Academy

Exclusive Dog Boarding

Graduates of our training program have exclusive access to our dog boarding program. Unlike typical boarding kennels, our boarding program reinforces what your dog has learned previously at the Academy.

Options for boarding include group play sessions, refresher training, treadmill sessions, sport K-9 training, and more! This program is available exclusively to graduates of Neuman K-9 Academy.

>> Dog Boarding - Prices & Policies
  Exclusive Dog Boarding - Group Play

The Neuman K-9 Academy dog training facility is conveniently located in Hugo, Minnesota. We are 28 miles from downtown Minneapolis or 22 miles from St. Paul (Twin Cities, MN). We receive dogs from all over the country and can arrange shipping and receiving from the Minneapolis International Airport (MSP).

Neuman K-9 Academy is a professional canine training school that provides dog boarding, training and fully trained dogs for sale.

To see the differences in our dog training programs please view our:

>> Dog Training Comparison Chart


We are certain you will see a positive impact in your dog returning home.

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