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Fully Trained Dogs For Sale

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale, House Trained Family Dogs, Trained Puppies

Fully Trained Dogs or Puppies For Sale Neuman K-9 Academy offers fully trained dogs or puppies for sale.

Breeders and trainers agree that defining your needs and then finding a dog or puppy to meet them are the most important parts of bringing the right canine companion into your family.

You can purchase a trained dog or puppy directly from our family dog training center in Minnesota. We also offer service dog training. If you are seeking a German Shepherd puppy, or a fully trained German Shepherd dog, rely on Neuman K-9 Academy to find the perfect match.

The dogs listed on our site are trained and/or bred by our Academy and have been evaluated by a certified Master Trainer. Further information on a particular dog is available upon request.

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

We are now accepting deposits from experienced working homes (sport or law enforcement only). Please send us an email or call.
Visit us on Facebook to see pictures and get updates on our German Shepherd Puppies.

F - Litter - Born 7/1/14!!

6 puppies - 4 females, 2 males.
Accepting deposits, puppies will be ready to go home 9/1/14
Facebook litter updates click here.

Sire: Lasso Bett Silver CS

Dam: SG Eriel Von Tajgetosz (Eriel)
Handler Owner Trained -- AD, BH, CGC, VCC

Pedigree and Description of parents

German Shepherd Puppies. Dam - Eriel 

Fully Trained Dogs Available

Fully trained dogs for sale - Daisy
    Name: Daisy
DOB: 2 years Sex: Female
Breed: Pitbull Terrier
Media: Daisy Pictures -- Daisy Video
Price: Call 612-961-4331
Description: Daisy is an amazing little girl. About 2 years old, she weighs about 40 pounds and gets along with other dogs and people. She is deaf but it doesn't hold her back. She is playful and loving. She will do well in a home that gives her the attention she desires.

Daisy graduated Neuman K-9 Academy's boot camp level I in February 2012. If you would like more information about her please call: 612-961-4331

Grace - Siberian Husky available
    Name: Grace
DOB: 11/01/13 Sex: Female
Breed: Siberian Husky / Malamute
Media: Grace's Boot Camp Video
Price: Call Melissa @ 612-799-0255
Description provided by owner: Grace was born on November 1 of 2013. She was born in Florida and was brought up to Minneapolis by her current owner, Melissa in February. Melissa enrolled Grace at Neumans K-9 for 2 months, where she graduated and is now a 8 month old smart and happy puppy. She is now 40 pounds and has a lot of husky energy, but is very good and house trained. Melissa is allergic to her dander, and has to find a loving family for Grace to grow up in and spend her life with.
Grace LOVES the dog park and any social meeting with other dogs or people. She has alot of energy and needs at least 2 - 1 mile walks per day. She is spayed and has had her dew claws removed. She is a healthy eater and loves apples and carrots. Grace is kept in a crate when she is not playing, running or socializing.

For more information about Grace please call Melissa her owner @ 612-799-0255

It is our priority to find the best match for any Neuman K-9 Academy trained dog. If, through our interview process, we determine the match between our dog and its potential owner is not ideal, we reserve the right to deny an offer for a dog or puppy.

Trained German Shepherds For Sale

In Dogs We Trust - Wir Vertrauen - is our breeding program for German Shepherd puppies to help supply our clients with puppies and fully trained adult dogs. The name Wir Vertrauen stands for We Trust because we provide German Shepherd dogs trustworthy of protecting you or your family.

IDWT was founded by Summer Duggan and Josiah Neuman, professional dog trainers for Neuman K-9 Academy, Inc.

Visit our German Shepherd Training and Breeding website for information on current or upcoming litters of German Shepherd puppies as well as fully trained dogs for sale.