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Fully Trained Dogs For Sale

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale, House Trained Family Dogs, Trained Puppies

Neuman K-9 Academy offers fully trained dogs or puppies for sale.

Breeders and trainers agree that defining your needs and then finding a dog or puppy to meet them are the most important parts of bringing the right canine companion into your family.

You can purchase a trained dog or puppy directly from our family dog training center in Minnesota. If you are seeking a German Shepherd puppy, or a fully trained German Shepherd dog, rely on Neuman K-9 Academy to find the perfect match.

The dogs listed on our site are trained and/or bred by our Academy and have been evaluated by a certified Master Trainer. Further information on a particular dog is available upon request.

Fully Trained Dogs or Puppies For Sale
Fully trained dogs for sale - Weike
Fully trained dogs for sale - Weike
Fully trained dogs for sale - Weike

Name: Weike "Vickie"
DOB: 5/13/2012 Sex: Female
Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Video: Click Here for YouTube Video
Price: SOLD
Description: Wieke is SOLD. Congratulations to her new owner! :)

It is our priority to find the best match for any Neuman K-9 Academy trained dog. If, through our interview process, we determine the match between our dog and its potential owner is not ideal, we reserve the right to deny an offer for a dog or puppy.